Outdoor Storage Bin
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Outdoor Storage Bin

 Our hotel lobby double bins use the good quality stainless steel,inner bin use good quality plastic bucket.Besides, our stainless steel dustbins have S/S Anti-Fingerprint. The S/S surface of the stainless steel rubbish bins is treated with FPR coating(oil removal,rust removal,brushed stain treatment,glazed treatment and so on...),which makes it delicate and smooth. No matter how the fingers touch the good quality stainless steel dustbins,there will be no residue left on the fingerprint.Besides,our metal indoor dustbins is waterproof,greasy and dry for long time use.

 By the way,now you know the purpose and importance of the litter bins.Let me talk about the kinds of trash bins. There are many kinds of the waste bins, For example, according to the material,it can be stainless steel rubbish bins, metal indoor dustbins, plastic rubbish bins. According to the purpose, it can be lobby waste bins,garbage bins indoor, outdoor dustbins.Room dustbins and so on.

Our good quality stainless steel dustbins can be used indoors or outdoors. in hotels or in airports, stations and other public places. In addition, there are recyclable and non-recyclable  garbage bins, as well as more classified rubbish bins. Customers can choose the trash can according to the actual needs. 

Our stainless steel dustbins is a very good design inner bucket for the dustman of the hotel, since this kind of stainless steel dustbins makes their work more convenient and faster,convenient cleaning.Hope these introductions will make you interested in our hotel lobby waste bins.

Our reliable team, backed by years of experience can provide you with a package that meets your budget and demand in a short span of time.



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