Plastic Housekeeping Cart
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Plastic Housekeeping Cart

Plastic material Housekeeping Carts is lighter, and no rust, good for seaside hotel use. It can uased both indoor and outdoor heavy duty working.  Standard Janitorial Carts are designed specifically for cleaning and maintenance. Durable and reliable, they contain various compartments and features to help keep cleaning supplies organized. From built-in mop holders to large bag compartments, these carts make it easy to transport necessary materials.

The Janitorial Cart Accessories & Replacements section is a great place to find all of the items you need for your janitorial cart. From bags and buckets to signs, shelves, textiles, replacement wheels and casters, you'll find everything you need to keep your cart in top working order. You can even customize your cart to suit your own unique cleaning needs.

High security janitorial carts provide maximum protection in your facility. These carts have a sturdy locking system to secure supplies, and feature enclosed tops to prevent pilfering. 

Compact Janitorial Carts are excellent for organizing and transporting janitorial supplies. They have a slim design with multiple shelves and are equipped with locking casters, to ensure the secure storage of maintenance. These carts are particularly beneficial for quick cleans required throughout the day, while their heavy-duty construction guarantees durability to tackle demanding tasks.

The Mobile Waste Collector Carts offer an efficient and safe way to transport waste. Waste carts include ergonomic handlebars and 4" casters that allow for easy transportation. These carts are great for large-scale cleaning jobs and offer plenty of storage for supplies.

Our reliable team, backed by years of experience can provide you with a package that meets your budget and demand in a short span of time.



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