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Restraurant Funitures

Restaurant furniture used in human daily life and social activities with the function of sitting, lying, leaning, eating utensils. It usually consists of several parts assembled in a certain joint way. Restaurant furniture mainly includes the following categories: dining table, dining chair, booth, sofa, bar stool and so on. According to industry classification, it can be divided into Chinese restaurant furniture, western restaurant furniture, coffee shop furniture, tea house furniture and so on.

The most commonly used are square tables or round tables. In recent years, long round tables are also popular. Structural requirement of restaurant furniture is simple, had better use fold type. Especially below the circumstance with smaller dining-room space, fold the dining desk and chair that need not, can save space effectively. Otherwise, too big tables will make dining-room space appears crowded. So, a table of some folding type gets favour more. The modeling of eat chair and colour, want to coordinate with table photograph, agree with style of the whole dining-room.

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