About the Bellman Carts
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About the Bellman Carts

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Your guests are seeking the best possible experience in both restaurant and hospitality environments. You want them to rely on you - and return, often. Quality equipment communicates quality service. Laicozy delivers quality restaurant and hospitality products, with experience that dates back to 2008.

Safe, durable and continually evaluated, Laicozy products give your guests a positive experience, which reflects on you! Because we’re always working on improvements and eco-friendly options, ask how we can customize the products you want to order. Color, branding and even application variations can be explored.

Headquartered in ZHUHAI,CHINA, Laicozy designs and delivers a full spectrum of products to enhance your restaurant and hospitality equipment needs. Laicozy is the result of a collaborative merger between  food service product lines and Tubular Engineering’s hospitality offerings.

The Tubular Engineering product line was a perfect complement to the CSL product offering. The combination of businesses offers an excellent assortment of quality products.

Stainless Steel uprights and a plastic deck make these Bellman Carts ideal for outdoor use. No need to worry about warped wooden decks or wet and hard to clean carpeting. Laicozy's bellman carts are made with stainless steel, which won't rust, and a deck made of ¾" recycled plastic that does not rust or warp, and is easy to keep clean.

The black plastic deck has a non-slip, texturized top and rounded corners. Unlike rubber bumpers, the plastic deck is non-marring and will not leave black marks on walls and molding.

The general purpose utility cart is ideal for use in kitchens, banquets, laundry's or any other heavy duty areas. The non-porous plastic does not absorb moisture. With a steel reinforced undercarriage and 5" black poly casters, the cart has a capacity of 2000 pounds. 

Quality of materials - know what a luggage cart is made of, so it can meet your expectations. It's always important to set our expectations before buying a product to understand what we want and what kind of luggage trolley we want. Some people like iron or steel, and you may prefer those made of polyurethane plastic. Laicozy’s 304 stainless steel luggage carts are popular in the United States. Laicozy has all kinds of stainless steel luggage carts. Please click this web site https://www.laicozy.com/ and choose one you need .


LAICOZY was set up with an aim to be a central contact point between the various factories owned and operated by the group.
The group owns several factories like Hotel equipments factory, Banquet Furniture Factory, Crowd Control Systems factory, Hotel Furniture FactoryApart from the products that LAICOZY group manufacturers, we also have excellent relations with other A-Class manufacturers who do OEM for us for us for various Hotel Products.


E-mail : sales@laicozy.com
Phone : 13823032582
Tel : +86-756-2618158
Contacts : Nancy 
Skype : 13823032582
Whatsapp : +86 13823032582
Our reliable team, backed by years of experience can provide you with a package that meets your budget and demand in a short span of time.



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