What is hobby lobby furniture material?
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What is hobby lobby furniture material?

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What is hobby lobby furniture material?

At present, there are tens of thousands of tree species on the earth, and there are tens of thousands of tree species in China. Many kinds of wood can be used to make hotel lobby furniture, which is both durable and environmentally friendly. And some wood is not suitable for hotel lobby furniture, more suitable for crafts. Let us have a look at the general hotel lobby furniture selection of material.


Here is the content list:

l  Fiber board

l  Joinery board

l  Particle board


Fiber board

Fiberboard is often used when customizing lobby furniture in five-star hotels. Compared with particleboard, fiberboard has a relatively smooth surface, good stability and load-bearing performance. Its internal structure is compact, not easy to loose, and its ability to maintain the original state is very strong. It is more suitable for both strength and hardness than particleboard. Fiberboard is made of powdered wood fiber which is pressed at high temperature. It is not easy to deform and easy to disassemble and transport. And commonly used on the market for melamine processing of fiberboard, so the fiberboard has the advantages of moisture resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. But as a result of processing fine input big cost is high, the price of fiberboard is relatively high.


Joinery board

There is a kind of material is joinery board, we can call it big core board again, this kind of material is mainly to make use of natural rotary cut veneer and solid wood plywood through glue, hot pressing and other procedures to make the board. The production method of joinery board can be divided into two kinds, divided into machine piecing and manual piecing. The method that hands makes basically is to use manpower to lay the wood in the splint of the wood, but the joinery board that this kind of method makes gets extruded ability is poorer, do not suit to use as the material that cuts processing according to. The plate made by the machine does not have this defect. On the contrary, it has a strong weighing capacity and is not easy to deform.


Particle board

Particleboard, also known as particle board, is mostly made of materials from artificial or natural tree trunks and branches to be used for processing. Using the method of high temperature and high pressure to make the middle long wood fiber and the two sides of the fine wood fiber pressed into the board. Pareboard is 18mm and 25mm in size, because of its small expansion rate and strong stability and other advantages of five-star hotel lobby furniture customization often choose it. However, the quality of the particleboard in the market often has a big difference, it is not easy to distinguish the real and fake, some particleboard because of the very rough edges, causing water to enter the board, the board appears loose, the quality of the particleboard is greatly reduced, so the particleboard selection should be very careful.


Hotel lobby furniture is an important part of hotel lobby decoration. Lobby furniture should not only consider beautiful, practical, but also need to consider the requirements of environmental protection materials and functions. And each hotel’s own positioning is different, the choice of furniture grade is not the same. Of course, the grade of the customizing lobby furniture is mainly determined by the material itself.


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