What are the features of Hotel Extra Bed?
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What are the features of Hotel Extra Bed?

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What are the features of Hotel Extra Bed?

Hotel extra bed is a service provided by the hotel according to the needs of customers. Hotels can arrange the bed flexibly and solve accommodation problems for customers. And this article will introduce the types and procedures of hotel extra beds.



  • types of Hotel Extra Bed

  • The process of adding beds


types of Hotel Extra Bed


(1) Single bed

In general, the layout of hotel rooms is relatively compact, and considering the activities of guests in the room, there will not be too much space to add large furniture. Therefore, the hotel extra bed is basically a single bed to solve the problem of multi-person accommodation for customers.


(2) Folding bed

Hotel extra beds are not commonly used furniture, so when not in use, they are usually placed together. In order to save space, a folding bed is perfect. Moreover, it is also very convenient to carry and organize folding beds, which is a common type of extra beds in hotels.


The process of adding beds


Because extra beds in the hotel are extra services requested by the guests, they need to be paid, and the hotel will also have a series of processes:

1. The extra bed business in the hotel room is controlled by the reception desk. When the hotel receives the request for adding a bed from the customer, it needs to arrange the extra bed service before the guests check in.

2. If a guest requests an extra bed during check-in, the receptionist should indicate the number of extra beds on the check-in registration and the fee on the registration form, and lay the bed for the customer in time.

3. If the guest requests extra bed after check-in, the receptionist should confirm the fee with the guest, and then issue a "reception desk notice", the rent will be changed by the cashier at the front desk, and the welcome card will be replaced for the guest to prove that pay for the extra bed.

4. After confirming that the gusets want to add a bed in their room, the receptionist should enter the extra bed mark into the guest's check-in information and immediately issue the "extra bed notice”: (in quadruplicate), one each at the switchboard, cash desk at the front desk, and reception, the last copy is signed by the clerk of the housekeeping department and sent back to the reception desk for archiving.

5. If the hotel receives a request from a guest to cancel an extra bed or receive a notification from the housekeeping department to cancel adding bed in a room, the receptionist should issue a "reception desk notice" to the housekeeping department and the front desk cashier to indicate the name of the guest and rent changes. And at the same time, the guest’s information on the computer must be changed by the reception desk and the cash desk.

6. When a customer with an extra bed checks out, the hotel will indicate the withdrawal on the "Room Report" and notify the reception desk. After check-out, the bed should be put in place as soon as possible. After checking the spare pillows and quilts, if there is no problem, they should be folded and put back in place.


For hotels, providing customers with the best possible service is very important for building their own brand, gaining customer recognition and more profit. Therefore, the provision of extra bed business can better meet the needs of customers, and also make them stand out among those hotels that do not provide such services.


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