Buffetware introduction and selection of different grades
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Buffetware introduction and selection of different grades

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Buffetware introduction and selection of different grades

Buffetware introduction and selection of different grades

Buffetware is more than just serving functionality and aesthetics. These programs can also help food service operators control food waste. Durability, functionality, and appearance were key considerations for Buffetware.


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What is Buffetware?

There are different grades to choose from


What is Buffetware?

Buffetware is primarily used in front-of-house applications, and any service or display item used by an operator to display food is considered buffetware. They include fondue pots, double wall bowls, display cookers, induction appliances, premium steam pans, carving stations, warmers, stands, bowls, flatware and utensils, and more.

Operators can choose items of different qualities in the categories of Good, Better, and Best. For example, on the lower end, economy Buffetware is made of lighter gauge or lower quality stainless steel and is more economically priced. Midrangers will likely offer more options and higher-quality materials. High-end buffet utensils are often made from more durable materials with upscale features.

Storage and shipping are also key considerations, as there is a need for designated spaces when items are not in use, as well as options for shipping products to display areas. Racks, shelves, containers, and trolleys are available for storing and transporting buffet utensils.


There are different grades to choose from

When it comes to Buffetware, food service operators can choose from more refined material and presentation options. As a result, wood, metal, slate, matte finishes, and ornaments became more common. In high-volume operations where breakage is an issue, stronger materials such as wood and metal are more feasible than glass or ceramics.

In buffet ware, the color is becoming more prevalent and is now more often mixed with traditional white products to enhance the presentation of food. There are many more colors used to match the decor and themes. We are also developing unique designs to support various buffet themes.

As well as a range of colors and materials, the operators feature shelving, risers, unique lighting, unique bowl shapes, unique tableware, and items made from natural materials such as bamboo and slate.

Overhead monitors have become more widely used for more unique and attractive setups. Brackets and risers are incorporated into these presentations to create vertical, space-saving displays.

In terms of appearance, wear is a factor in Buffetware cutlery as it is often used in self-service environments. Scratches and chips are usually more noticeable on plates and cups since these items are often stacked on buffet tables. Available in a variety of textures, these products help hide visible wear and tear. These include pebbled surfaces, linen textures, and organic-looking products.


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