Buffetware selection and other considerations
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Buffetware selection and other considerations

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Buffetware selection and other considerations

Buffetware selection and other considerations

To purchase buffetware, operators need to determine the application of service/buffet equipment. Are these items used for a specific function or as permanent fixtures in the restaurant? If the latter, a mix of portable and permanent units may be suitable.


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How to choose buffetware

Other considerations


How to choose buffetware

When choosing buffetware, it's important to note that carriers can choose from different categories at different price points. More economical low-end products are produced from lighter gauge or lower quality stainless steels. Midrangers will likely offer more options and higher-quality materials. Those on a higher budget can opt for high-end buffetware, which is often made of more durable materials with upscale features.

When choosing buffet tableware, catering operators should consider the type of display. Whether it's a formal banquet or a casual buffet, operators want to stick to a certain theme or design. So it makes sense to choose pieces that can be adapted to a variety of accessories. For multiple functions, this can take the form of using various tables and designs as well as cooking stations. These can include raw food bars, activity stations, fondue stations, meat-cutting stations, soup bars, hot and cold stations, and dessert bars.

In addition to style and appearance, operators also need to look at the production process and local regulations. For example, open flames are banned in some parts of the country. In addition, the temperature and control of induction heating affect food differently than flame burners. Bottom heating is not sufficient for some products, so it may be necessary to add heat lamps.


Other considerations

When shopping for buffetware, consider storage and shipping. These items require designated storage space when not in use. If carriers will use these items off-site, end users will have to determine how to transport them safely. Storage and transport options include shelving, racks, containers, and trolleys.

If the operation requires both heating and cooking functions, consider using an induction hob for making stir-fry, pasta, breakfast items, and other meals, as well as demonstrating cooking on a display line. Sensing units at the front desk often allow food to sell itself.

Service lines do not require extensive cleaning if maintained properly in daily operation. Cleaning the hot or cold wells after each use will keep them running efficiently. Quarterly or semi-annual planned maintenance provides an opportunity to keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

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