Can the mobile stage be folded?
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Can the mobile stage be folded?

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Can the mobile stage be folded?

A mobile stage is a removable container that is used as a multi-purpose stage in an event area. Through the folding system, a mobile stage can occupy about 25 square meters of the stage area. This is completely covered and also covers the side walls and the back walls. The mobile stage is also equipped with integrated crossover components that attach sound and lighting technology to it. The advantage of the mobile stage is its flexible structure, which can be designed in different stage sizes. Therefore, the mobile stage can be folded.

Here is the content list:

 Overview of the mobile stage

 Four advantages of mobile stage

 Independent stability of the moving stage

 Installation security of mobile stage

Overview of the mobile stage

The mobile stage consists of a basic movable frame and a stage board. Movable frame is generally made of alloy and steel materials, as its main components, convenient disassembly, convenient storage, with small volume, easy transportation and other characteristics. The stage board is made of aluminum alloy. Event assembly stage: widely used in various performances, exhibitions, weddings, real estate opening and other activities. It is composed of the original movable frame and stage plate, the frame is generally alloy and steel as the main components, disassembly is very sensitive and convenient, convenient storage, with small volume, easy transportation and other characteristics. Stage board is a very important part of aluminum alloy stage assembly, its quality directly affects the load-bearing of the mobile stage assembly, so it is very important to choose high quality stage board.

Four advantages of mobile stage

 Safe and stable, solemn and elegant, natural resistance to all kinds of harsh environment.

 Super combination features, extend the infinite space.

 Flexible disassembly, fast transportation, convenient storage.

 Foldable design, save transportation cost, easy to store when not in use.

Independent stability of the moving stage

Unlike a traditional stage, it does not require external ballasts or cables to remain stable: stable design and engineering go directly into the stage. This is true for mobile stages with structures that can withstand 130kph to 140kph (80mph to 90mph) winds; Otherwise, depending on the situation, it may be necessary to consider using a ballast for stabilization purposes, just as with a conventional stage.

Installation security of mobile stage

The mobile stage has safety features for installation. A mobile stage consists of preinstalled panels deployed on the ground without the need to work high up during the installation. In other words, the mobile stage not only offers unmatched security, but it also offers a faster and easier setup that involves less labor.

One person can easily move the midwest stage from storage to event location. Opening the stage deck automatically raises the casters from the floor to prevent the mobile stage from moving while in use. Integrated drop couplings allow cascading together. Each step can safely withstand a uniform load of more than 200 pounds per square foot. From compact storage to event locations, the mobile stage saves setup time and adds flexibility to the facility.


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