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Dust bin, also called trash bin, garbage can, garbage bin, trash can, ash-bin, rubbish bin, refer to places where garbage is placed. Most of them are made of metal, stainless steel or plastic. 

You will found that the there are a lot of type and design of dust bins , but for commercial use, such as Hotel, bank, shopping mall, you will found that most of dust bin is different with the one we used at home or office. 

1) Dustbin Stand With Ashtray 

Material: Stainless Steel grade 201/ 304 / Steel/ Marble

Finished: Polished, Brush, Titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Black Gold, Antique Bronze, Marble, powder coating etc.

This kindy of dust bin usually place in Hotel Lobby, Bank or beside the elevator, so, the design & overall appearance of the dust bin must match the decoration of the building. Of course, the price will be more expensive than other common dust bin.

2) Pedal dust bin

Material: Stainless Steel grade 201/ Steel

Finished: Polished, Brush, Titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Black Gold, Antique Bronze, powder coating etc.

This kindy of dust bin usually is used in Guest room, Bathroom, Kitchen. Pedal dust bin always goes with the lid, this can avoid the bad smell from the garbage.

While you put the garbage in to the dust bin, and move away your feet from the pedal, a sudden noise”BANG” caused by the lid snaps on the dust bin body. 

Believe that you must experience this, right? Maybe you will thought this is very common, but no body like this noise. So, factory update the pedal dust bin with the close soft system, after this improvement, the lid will close it slowly, and avoid a noise “BANG”caused again.

3) Outdoor dust bin

Material: Stainless Steel grade 201/ 304/Steel/plastic wood (WPC)

Finished: Polished, Brush, Antique Bronze, powder coating etc.

The outdoor garbage bin usually in bigger volume, or in double units(for Recyclable and Non-Recyclable garbage), and place in public places. You can see this kind of outdoor dust bin in our life, To protect our environment, we should not throw garbage anywhere.  

4) Garbage can

For the big size of dust bin, we can call it Garbage can, usually made is plastic and goes with pedal and wheel that can be easy taken away. 

For more style of trash bin, Please review our website to choose the suitable one, thanks.


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