Hotel bellman cart with new vinyl deck material
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Hotel bellman cart with new vinyl deck material

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Hotel luggage cart widely use in every hotel, which you may see in hotel lobby with different shape of bellman cart. The normal type of hotel luggage cartwith carpet for the deck. However, currently we have new vinyl deck bellman cart, have you ever seen it? The shape of vinyl deck which looks similar as the board, similar like furniture material board,but looks luxury and high class for hotel .


Do you want to know something about vinyl deck bellman cart? Vinyl material is kind of chemical ingredient which made similar as PVC, but more Environmental protection than PVC,. It can easily to machining, to make different shape and different color, and also the surface with so many optional colors, depending on client’s request.


There’s no doubt that everything will has both side, advantage and disadvantage, same as the vinyl deck hotel luggage cart. The Advantage of vinyl material is more easy to clean, water and dirty proof as well. It’s different with carpet deck, carpet deck easily dirty when we used. This is the opposite with carpet deck for bellman cart, carpet deck don’t has waterproof function, if someone take drinks with careless and pour on the carpet, then this carpet may have destroyed. But vinyl deck material luggage cart can avoid this problem. Besides, vinyl deck bellman cart appearance may looks more luxury and with so many color options can fit for hotel decoration as well, it’s a good for client to choose.


Of course, there are also some disadvantages of this vinyl deck hotel bellman cart, this deck may scratched after long time used, it may looks not perfect enough, If clients with very high standard of appearance of hotel bellman cart, the deck options may have to consider seriously. And some clients may thought it may crack if the luggage too heavy, but currently we still not received this kind of complaint of vinyl deck ,but we will also focus on this point, and improve.


Furthermore, this kind of new vinyl deck, can fit for all types our luggage carts, and everything are same as our normal luggage cart, it also can be customize by client request, but would more expensive if not big quantity order.


This new vinyl deck luggage cart will be the new option for hotel to choose a  bellman cart for their hotel. 


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