How can we use Restaurant Banquet Chairs?
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How can we use Restaurant Banquet Chairs?

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How can we use Restaurant Banquet Chairs?

Restaurant Banquet Chairs are designed for weddings, conferences, banquets and events. As these chairs are stackable and can be easily transferred from room to room, they also work well in multifunctional spaces such as auditoriums and conference rooms. If you have the plan to buy banquet chairs, here are some information below.



  • Types of restaurant banquet chairs

  • Advantages of restaurant banquet chairs

  • How to use a restaurant banquet chair

Types of restaurant banquet chairs


The banquet chair is different from the one we use at home, so the appearance is secondary. And as a mass of banquet chairs are required in an event, the most important thing is to be easy handling and storage. For this reason, there are two main types of banquet chairs in the market:

(1) Folding chair

(2)Stackable chairs


Advantages of restaurant banquet chairs


As mentioned above, banquet chairs are easy to handle and store. They are generally lightweight and versatile, and have all the other advantages that allow them to be used extensively in hotels:

(1) Cheap and easy to manufacture

(2) Light but strong

(3) Stackable or foldable

(4) No handrails


How to use a restaurant banquet chair


Although banquet chairs are used for various banquets or meetings held in the hotel, in different occasions, hotels need to choose chair covers of different colors and sizes, and in addition, the placement and use methods are also very different. A hotel will pay special attention to this. Therefore, according to different occasions and requires, banquet chairs can also play a different role, the following are some different styles and use:


(1) Stage style (also called theater style):

In the venue, rows of restaurant banquet chairs are placed facing the stage or podium, with an aisle in the middle. Remarks: This style can accommodate the largest number of people in a limited venue and each participant has a seat like in a movie theater.

(2) Round table style:

The style uses a Chinese round table, and banquet chairs are placed around the round table, which is often used as a banquet table. There is an aisle between the tables. Remarks: When used for banquet setting, except for the main table, there is no distinction between the direction of the setting of other round tables. If it is a group discussion, no seats are placed back to the stage.

(3) Command mode:

The commanding bureau is in the front, the representative is in the back (or the operator is in the front, the bureau is in the back) and the whole faces the large screen. This style is usually used in the command center, the TV and telephone branch venue.


As the supplier of restaurant banquet chairs, we are very pleasure to provide customers with different opinions and suggestions to meet your needs. If you want to know more about the banquet chairs, please contact us to discuss with the expert team or visit the website, we will be happy to provide you with the help and efficient environment.


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