How can we use stanchion rope barrier?
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How can we use stanchion rope barrier?

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How can we use stanchion rope barrier?

Generally speaking, the stanchion rope barrier is a temporary obstacle. It is usually upright and has a retractable belt or velvet rope which is very convenient to set up. In public places such as museums, movie theaters or construction sites, the stanchion rope barrier is often used to control the crowd and avoid crowding. This article will introduce the functions and types of the stanchion rope barrier in detail so that you can better understand this convenient and practical tool.



  • Functions of stanchion rope barrier

  • Types of stanchion rope barrier


Functions of stanchion rope barrier

In today's world, especially in prosperous public areas, the flow of people is very large, which brings great security risks to people. Especially when holding some events, it is particularly important to use the stanchion rope barrier to isolate the evacuated people. Of course, it also has some other functions that bring us a lot of convenience:

(1)  Provide Temporary Closures

Sometimes, some areas may be faulty and need to be repaired or cleaned temporarily. At this time, the area needs to be closed to prevent unrelated personnel from entering. In order to prevent the flow of people in this area, the use of stanchion rope barriers is a good method.

(2)  Rapid Deployment

When an emergency occurs, rapid deployment becomes critical. People usually use stanchion rope barriers to block the accident site or dangerous area, so that it can prevent unforeseen accidents or quickly evacuate people for deployment of accident resolution.

(3)  Improve Pathfinding

Usually, there are a lot of people at the event site, or the event area is very complicated, and the people who participate in the event cannot quickly find their destination, which may cause more serious personnel detention and confusion. Under these circumstances, event organizers need to use stanchion rope barriers and signs to show them a clear path. This will not only maintain the order on the spot, but also allow the activities to proceed more smoothly.


Types of stanchion rope barrier

As mentioned above, the stanchion rope barrier has many functions. At the same time, it also has many types, styles and materials to suit different occasions and uses. The stanchion rope barriers are classified and introduced below:

(1) Velvet swag rope with hook

This stanchion rope barrier is a relatively common and classic type. It uses a dense cotton core and is usually used in cinemas, concert halls and museums. It can not only be used for decoration, but also maintain the order on the spot.

(2) Vinyl swag rope with hook

The surface of the vinyl swag rope is covered with smooth vinyl, which is as shiny as leather. Its inner core is a lost cotton core braid, which is very durable.

(3) Retractable belt stanchion

The retractable belt stanchion is a kind of stanchion rope barrier professional tool for crowd control and management. These barriers are versatile in crowd management, easy to arrange and can be decorated with logos.


Therefore, the stanchion rope barrier plays a great role in our daily life and is also an indispensable management tool in public places. I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the barrier after reading this article. If you have any other questions, please consult our website. We will be pleasure to help you.


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