How to build an excellent hotel project
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How to build an excellent hotel project

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How to build an excellent hotel project

Now as people living conditions are better, more people have a higher demand for the quality of life and taste, which promotes the star hotel design to do more in place and professional, to create a high grade, fun star hotel project, here are some methods for you.

  • How to build an excellent hotel project 

How to build an excellent hotel project

1. First, the establishment of appropriate theme culture is the key to build an excellent hotel project.

A theme hotel is defined as a hotel that showcases certain cultural characteristics. In practice, theme hotels must highlight and support the market through characteristic culture. Therefore, looking for characteristic culture, digging characteristic culture, designing characteristic culture, making theme products and services, is the most important, the most concrete, the most effort and energy of hotel managers. Similarly, too professional, narrow, and far from the consumer public with the color of the culture of curiosity, are not suitable for the subject.

2. Second, pay attention to theme-based functional requirements.

The functional demand of the hotel is only the basic demand of people, and consumption is rational. To attach a theme to a functional hotel, create a concept, first of all in the marketing will be different from the general hotel, providing the foundation for the development of leading hotels. But a successful hotel project is not just to create a concept so simple, to make the theme worthy of the name, and even let the theme connect an industry, the formation of superadded value. The theme hotel is a complex of providing special accommodation and other services by creating one or more cultural themes as the symbol through the integration of block culture and building the atmosphere of hotel operation and management around the theme.


3. Hotel project focuses on the interpretation of thematic elements.

The key to the design of the hotel project is the determination of the theme. After the theme is determined, the architectural form is determined. Some theme hotels have castles, farms, and jungles. Then is the determination of the interior decoration, mainly in the details to see the true work, such as sheets, curtains, lamps and lanterns, tea sets, seats, telephone, and even the toilet and so on the details of the theme elements are integrated.

4. Attach importance to the thematic extension of a hotel operation

The operation of the theme hotel mainly includes four parts: rooms, catering, services, and derivatives.

Room service is mainly based on different consumer preferences and needs of the market segment. Under the overall theme, different sub-theme rooms can be designed, such as ladies' room, men's room, lovers' room, elderly room, conference room, and so on. The setting of these rooms will greatly reduce the shortcoming of a narrow market with a single theme.

The catering department can develop and design the "theme banquet" in combination with the theme, including the configuration of the cuisine, the design of the menu, the creation of the dining environment atmosphere (such as interior decoration, music, and dance design) and so on.

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