How to set up banquet table and cloth?
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How to set up banquet table and cloth?

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How to set up banquet table and cloth?

The banquet hall of the hotel usually arranges banquet tables and cloths according to the number of guests and the requirements of the event. Neat and consistent banquet tables and cloths are the hallmarks of a high-quality restaurant. At the same time, the tone of the guests' dining experience is also very important. This article will provide you with some practical suggestions for setting up tables and cloths.




  • Pros of banquet table and cloth

  • How to set up banquet table

  • How to set up banquet cloth




Pros of banquet table and cloth

The banquet table is different from the home table, which is specially set up for the banquet. Its advantages are believed to be understood by everyone. The focus here is on the advantages of the banquet table cloth. The banquet table cloth not only can cover the old cut-out table, but the price is relatively cheap. The hotel only needs to change the banquet table cloth to change the style of the table, which is ideal for busy hotels.


How to set up banquet table

Banquet tables also have many layouts, here are two examples for you:

(1) Classroom style:

This style consists of rectangular banquet tables that are oriented towards the front panel table or podium. This arrangement is ideal for teaching activities, tests, or meetings where other participants will write.


(2) Meeting room style:

This style is mainly used for formal meetings. Two rectangular tables are used, and two half-moon tables are used at the edge. In this way, the person in charge can be organized to chair the meeting.


How to set up banquet cloth

Laying table cloths seems simple, but it is actually a technical task. If the waiter has mastered the technical points of setting up banquet table cloths, it will not only improve work efficiency, but also make the banquet hall look neat and beautiful. Before laying the table cloth, you must make some preparations firstly. Place the required dining chairs around the dining table according to the number of people dining, wash your hands carefully, and check each table cloth you plan to lay out. When setting up the banquet table cloth, open it with both hands and lift it up, lean forward slightly, and use the strength of both arms to gently shake the table cloth toward the owner's seat.

It should be noted that when laying the table cloth, it cannot touch the ground, and the intersection of the middle folds should be exactly at the center of the dining table. At the same time, the draped part of the tablecloth should be at the same distance from the ground.


For hotels, the setting of professional banquet tables and cloths is very important for customers' first impressions and brand building. What's more, there are more and more customer requests and forms of activities, which can test the hotel's capabilities and service quality. Therefore, the hotel needs to constantly learn and improve in this aspect.


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