Learn about the features and use of the automatic soap sanitizer dispenser stand
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Learn about the features and use of the automatic soap sanitizer dispenser stand

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Automatic soap sanitiser dispenser is the sense of the meaning of the technical level, the dictionary explanation is "some objects or electromagnetic devices by the action of the electric or magnetic field and the electromagnetic state of change, called induction. Simply put, the induction function of the soap dispenser or sanitary ware can be called induction soap dispenser or induction sanitary ware, whether it is induction of liquid or foam, induction of light, induction of sound or induction of other drives.

Automatic soap sanitiser generally includes a fixed set on the countertop of the liquid faucet, set under the countertop of the soap bottle, used to soap bottle of liquid soap out of the liquid mechanism, used to drive the pressure button of the liquid mechanism; generally, soap sanitiser is paired with the sink, installed in the sink near the faucet. Or use the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand, which can be placed anywhere.

Features of the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand

How to use the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand


Features of the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand

The automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand is designed with an infrared sensor to prevent direct contact with the machine.

The automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand has a complete system of automatic dispensers and holders.

It allows sanitizing of liquids, foams and gels. Includes 6 pump nozzles for 3 output types: spray, drip and foam. Replaceable nozzles that can be removed and backwashed if clogged. Sensor hand sanitiser not only saves sanitiser but also saves time

Automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand uses the silent, electric motor and durable housing material.

Height adjustable, post-mounted drip tray captures excess solution, comes with a drain screw for easy replacement of different sanitisers and easier cleaning

Portable, self-contained design is ideal for high traffic areas such as lobbies, restaurants, schools, universities and hospitals


How to use the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand

Step 1: Assemble the stand and adjust it to the proper height, then install the handheld dispenser.

Step 2: Open the dispenser cover and install the batteries.

Step 3: Fill the tank with the prepared disinfectant.

Finally, the automatic soap sanitiser dispenser stand can be placed where it is needed and people can access it by themselves.


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