Luggage cart and its choices
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Luggage cart and its choices

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Luggage Cart

Luggage carts are invaluable tools for everyone in the hospitality industry. Take the pressure off your weary guests by transporting their luggage, no matter how heavy. Tote it in style on four-or-six-wheel carts with polished steel chassis. Rubber bumpers will protect your walls and furnishings. Custom carpet colors match your interior decor.

Our stainless steel luggage carts outperform all other luggage carts. We offer the leading bellman and utility carts in designs to fit your budget. Impress your guests with impeccable service, while transporting their belongings on elegant yet useful carts. Whether you need to maneuver tight spaces or you have room for a bigger bellman cart, we offer a model that fits your establishment.and we also have lightweight bellman cart.

Your guests bring a lot of suitcases, boxes, bags, formal attire, and more when they stay at your establishment, and this CSL 3699BK-010-BLK Angel style heavy duty bellman cart allows you to easily transport anything and everything! It stands 72" high to accommodate large quantities of luggage, while its convenient clothing rail is ideal for hanging coats, suits, dresses, and other delicate items. 

Luggage Cart Choices

Plywood decks endure repeated commercial use, while heavy steel frameworks support the luggage carts. You have your choice of mini-utility carts or complete luggage carts with top hooks for hanging purses, coats, garment bags and laptop carriers. We also offer side containment rails and panels for moving smaller, non-stable items like grocery bags.

Show your guests that you care about their valuables by transporting them on elegant luggage carts and utility carts. Handle freight with sophistication as well as strength, because our stainless steel luggage carts are durable and have large capacities. Contact us today to place your order. Our service will impress you as much as our products impress your guests.

Get one of the leading bellman carts and utility carts in the industry in a revolutionary six wheel, four wheel or utility cart configuration. These bellman carts, luggage carts and utility carts are simply the best, outperforming all other carts time and again.

This deluxe heavy duty cart's rails are constructed of 2" stainless steel tubes, and its base is covered in stain-proof black carpet for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a black, wrap-around bumper guard to protect your walls from scuff marks and 8" black pneumatic casters for easy maneuverability. With its functional design, this cart fits comfortably into an elevator and is perfect for use in your hotel, motel, spa, convention center, or other luxury establishment. 


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