Maintenance and work specification requirements of Hotel housekeeping trolley
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Maintenance and work specification requirements of Hotel housekeeping trolley

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A Hotel housekeeping trolley refers to a multifunctional cleaning trolley for cleaning or a trolley for moving materials. Hotel housekeeping trolley is widely used in cleaning operations and material handling in public places such as hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, real estate, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, libraries, exhibition centers, clubs, and clubs. So, do you know what are the maintenance and work specification requirements of the portable housekeeping bag cart?

Here is the content list:

  • How do maintain Hotel housekeeping trolley products?

  • Work specification requirements for Hotel housekeeping trolley products.

How do maintain Hotel housekeeping trolley products?

1. When cleaning the surface of Hotel housekeeping trolley products, care must be taken not to scratch the surface, avoid using bleaching ingredients and abrasive cleaning solutions, steel balls, grinding tools, etc., to remove the cleaning solution, rinse the surface with clean water at the end of the washing.

2. If there is dust on the surface of the housekeeping room attendant janitor trolley and the dirt is easy to remove, it can be washed with soap and weak detergent. For the binder component, use alcohol or organic solvent (ether, benzene) to scrub.

3. The surface of the hotel housekeeping trolley product is polluted by grease, oil, and lubricating oil. After wiping it with a soft cloth, wash it with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent.

4. Hotel housekeeping trolley there are bleaching agents and various acids attached to the surface of the product, rinse it with water immediately, then soak it in ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, and wash it with neutral detergent or warm water.

5. Hotel housekeeping trolley products have rainbow patterns on the surface, which are caused by excessive use of detergent or oil, and can be washed away with warm water-neutral detergent when washing.

6. The rust caused by the surface dirt of Hotel housekeeping trolley products can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or with a special detergent.

As long as we use the correct maintenance methods, we can prolong the service life of Hotel housekeeping trolley products and keep them clean, bright, and gorgeous!

Work specification requirements for Hotel housekeeping trolley products.

1. All kinds of items must be placed in strict accordance with uniform standards, and they must not be placed randomly or strung together.

2. It is strictly forbidden to place any other items unrelated to work in the Hotel housekeeping trolley product.

3. The replaced dirty linen must be placed in the linen bag, and the pile of dirty linen shall not be higher than the height of the linen bag. Return the replaced dirty linen to the service room on the floor at any time, and use the emptied linen bag to hold the next batch of dirty linen.

4. Empty the garbage in the small housekeeper trolley of this shift before leaving get off work, and clean the Hotel housekeeping trolley. Cleaning requirements: The body is clean and bright without dust, water, or rust.

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