Modern Hotel Alarm Clock
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Modern Hotel Alarm Clock

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Modern Hotel Alarm Clock

 Making alarm clocks easier to use is only part of why alarm clocks are growing in popularity and making a comeback in hotels. After all, a bedside clock is convenient, and it takes pressure off front desk staff to log and manage individual wake-up calls. Times have certainly changed and alarm clocks have changed along with them. For the hotel alarm clock not just with simple function to wake the guest up.

More than just an alarm clock

LAICOZY launched a new hotel alarm clock: M7 Bluetooth alarm clock, Product surface oil painting fully, Metal loudspeaker netting, PMMA top panel and anti-scratch mirror screen, subwoofer is provided with bluetooth,week time,TF,U disk,AUX audio cable connected to play music,FM digital stereo radio and station memory broadcast ,QI Wireless Charging that can make guest enjoy the modern equipment provided by the hotel, so that their journey will become more comfortable and pleasant.   

1) subwoofer is provided with bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 transmit stereo  2.1 sound channel 5W*2 full frequency loudspeaker,back bass diaphragm .This enables guests to connect and play their own music via the speaker built into the base of the unit – an added extra that helps them personalize their room and feel more at home. 

2) Week/time:AV LCD black background white words, Week and time mode display function(12/24 hours adjustable), display screen backlight brightness is adjustable,  also can turn off the display.

3) TF: Double alarm clock function,can choose TF card and FM radio music as your alarming sound,provide snooze function. Sleep auto-off function,15 minutes once (can set 15,30,45,60,75,90 minutes)last long to 90 minutes.

4) USB port design can charge your cellphone and tablet PC with 2A current.The charging alarm clock reflects the age we live in, an age where we travel with (and rely on) multiple devices and need to keep them charged.  

5) Wireless QI Charging: Welcome to the era of the charging alarm clock. Conceals the ability to wirelessly charge a smartphone via a Qi charging pad on top of the unit. It’s also compliant with Samsung Fast charge 10W and Apple 7.5W specs. why stop at wired charging? Increasingly, modern hotel alarm clocks come with a built-in wireless charging option.  For hotels, combining alarm clock and charger functionality simplifies procurement, avoids troubleshooting and reduces initial capital outlay. But it also adds value, delighting hotel guests by delivering more functionality than they typically expect.

For this modern M7 Bluetooth alarm clock, it is under promotion with a good price that it must will be a very good product for your hotel and provide intangible services and enhance guests' experience of the hotel.

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