Operation of the housekeeping trolley
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Operation of the housekeeping trolley

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Operation of the housekeeping trolley

The items on the housekeeping trolley are floor towels, bath towels, washcloths, toothbrushes, soap, face towels, rags, toilet brushes, soap, laundry detergent, disinfectant, etc.

Housekeeping trolley placement standards

Housekeeping trolley cleaning procedure

Housekeeping trolley placement standards.

The first floor of the housekeeping trolley is required to put clean cloths (floor towels, bath towels). The second layer requires disposable supplies (toothbrush, soap, comb, hand towel, facial tissue, matches, seal). The third floor requires a variety of rags (three wet rags, two dry rags, two mouth rags) brooms, dustpans, rubber gloves. The fourth floor of the housekeeping trolley requires various recycled items to be placed. Cleaning basket should be equipped with (toilet brush, tub brush, toilet bowl cleaner, 84 disinfectant, soap water, laundry detergent).

Housekeeping trolley room cleaning procedures

Knock on the door: push the housekeeping trolley to the door of the room to be cleaned, stand in an upright posture, knock on the door with your middle finger three times, register your identity as "waiter", knock on the door with moderate strength, not too light and not too heavy, light is inaudible to the guests, heavy makes people feel rude.

Three or four seconds if the room does not answer, and then knock lightly three times, with the key to open the door, open, the door will be pushed open a third, and then knock three times the door (such as the guest found in sleep, you do not need to knock to inform, and can not enter the room, but the door gently closed, such as found to have been disturbed that apologize, exit the room, close the door; such as the guest in the room, to immediately ask politely whether the work can be carried out to provide the required services).

Pull: when cleaning the room, you must first pull the curtains, open the windows, pull the curtains to check whether the curtains have been unhooked or damaged, such as rosom odor, you can spray air freshener.

Pour: pouring cigarette containers and garbage cans. When pouring the cigarette jar to pay attention to the cigarette jar inside whether the cigarette has extinguished, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, pay attention not to pour the cigarette into the toilet, and pay attention to the living room newspaper or other paper on the guest writing can not still. All into the housekeeping trolley

Withdraw: withdraw the used dirty cups, timely replacement or brushing, if there are tableware in the room, notify the catering department. Withdraw bed sheets, covers, pillowcases into the housekeeping trolley fabric bag, and take clean ones back to the room, such as damaged fabric in time to send back to the warehouse.

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