Our buffetware is of high quality
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Our buffetware is of high quality

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Our buffetware is of high quality

Our buffetware is of high quality

The tableware that Westerners eat is mainly knife and fork buffetware sets, which is related to the fact that Western food is mainly meat. Europe is dominated by animal husbandry. The staple food is beef and mutton. It is most convenient to cut the meat with a knife and send it to the import. The method of using the knife and fork is to use it sequentially from the outside to the inside. When eating, the left and right hands are usually coordinated, that is, a knife and a fork are used in pairs.


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Quality points of high-end buffetware

Choose our buffetware with confidence


Quality points of high-end buffetware

1. Stainless steel knives and forks must be made of stainless steel 304.

2. The thickness of the stainless steel knife and fork is generally above 2.0mm.

3. If the surface of the stainless steel knife and fork has a mirror effect, the eyebrows can be seen clearly at a distance of 25 cm.

4. Pitting or scratches are not allowed on the front of the stainless steel knife and fork, and pitting is not allowed on the back.

5. The edges of stainless steel knives and forks should be round, bright, and unsightly, without chamfering.

6. The buffetware logo must be visible, and the embossed lines must be three-dimensional.

7. The fork tines must be flush, the fork gap must be in place, not burnt or yellow, and the trimming must be complete.

8. The stainless steel knife and fork has no fog and no fingerprints after polishing.

9. There must be no sand marks, hemp wheel marks, and cloth wheel marks when polishing stainless steel knives and forks.

10. The shape of the handle of the stainless steel knife and fork has a sense of hemming, and the tines of the fork also have a sense of hemming.

11. 100 stainless steel knives and forks are placed neatly, and the overall height is the same when viewed from the side.

12. Stainless steel knife and fork tolerance. Forgings: Thickness/Width: +/-0.4mm, Overall Length: +/-1mm


Choose our buffetware with confidence

The buffetware used in the hotel recommends buying more high-end products, especially stainless steel tableware. A good product will be better in terms of appearance design, production materials, workmanship, etc. Our stainless steel cutlery is manufactured to German craftsmanship standards. The sense of grade and quality can meet the needs of star hotels, and the price-performance ratio is relatively high. Better quality and more durable. Our buffetware is exquisite in workmanship and polished in materials, which is more suitable for hotels.


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