Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021
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Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

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Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

The weather is warming up and we’re all looking forward to spending more time outdoors. With longer days and balmy nights ahead, now is a good time to take a look at some of the key trends that will be big in 2021. Sustainability, creating a peaceful, low maintenance oasis, edible gardens and tiny spaces are all emerging as key trends. Let’s explore the outdoor furniture trends 2021:

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 Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

1 White garden and other monochromatic ideas 

It might be that social media has had a hand in the rise of these exceptionally photogenic white gardens. Or it might be that they are the epitome of style and create a peaceful oasis. Either way, gardens with a heavy focus on white outdoor furniture, décor and flowering plants are a key trend for the coming year. The key idea behind this look is a focus on a single monochromatic colour. So if a garden in hues of grey or black is more your speed, rest assured you will still be on trend. 

2 Easy outdoor living with a low maintenance patio 

Keep it simple with a low maintenance patio area. The idea is to keep it minimal so you can spend more time relaxing on your patio and less time tending plants and shuffling outdoor furniture. Whether you’re a lover of luxe-boho vibes or prefer the clean lines of modern décor, all you need is somewhere comfortable to lounge or sit and some sturdy, low maintenance plants to complete the look.

3 Gardening for habitat

If you’d like to encourage wildlife visitors to your garden and appreciate the outdoor furniture, you’re not alone. Garden design that attracts birds and other local creatures is on the rise. Creating a haven for wildlife means using lots of native plants and ideally, a water feature or bird bath. Your local nursery will be able to guide your plant choices. Now all you need is a space to sit still and enjoy the magic of nature up close.

4 The return of timeless garden design trend: raised garden beds

Raised garden beds are a staple for horticultural aficionados but they seem to be gaining traction more broadly for 2021. They make a practical yet stunning feature in your outdoor space. It’s a strong option if you have a small garden too. Swap in planters to create the same effect and add some pots in to break up the look. 

 5 Indoor-Outdoor rooms 

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with a gorgeous outdoor space that flows effortlessly from your interior. Lush up your space with outdoor furniture like sofas, rugs, cushions and, of course, more plants. As ever, the key to a successful outdoor area is to think about how you want the space to work for you and let that guide your décor decisions.

6 Balcony gardening: small spaces meet big ideas

If you’re a city-dweller, chances are your outdoor space is on the smaller side. Never fear, tiny gardens are going to have their time in the sun in 2021. It’s all about making your space seem bigger. So, embrace vertical gardens and create zones with clear pathways to get the most from your space.

7 Vibrant blooms: A cheering garden design trend to love

Is there anything more uplifting than a garden in full bloom? We think not. It’s no surprise that bright, vibrant flowers are going to be big news in 2021. The movement to vibrant blooms ties in closely with the trend for cottage gardens and wild gardens. Mix and match your planters and make sure you have a romantic bench seat so you can admire the show. 

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