Queue control shadow
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Queue control shadow

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Stanchion post , very simple product .If you don't pay attention, you probably don't even notice that there's a shadow there, but as long as you're paying attention, you'll find that he's everywhere. such like hotel restaurant, station, airport, shopping mall, supermarket, subway ,hospital, Immigration hall, office hall, canteen.etc. Maybe they didn’t cause your attention, and have no idea of  what they are, but actually they already get into your life, you can see them anywhere even you don’t know them. Wherever there is a queue control, there is a shadow of stanchion post.

And all of them are similarity in maintaining order, to maintaining the role of public distance, to helping us to make things smoothly, that’s the meaning of post. 

There are many kinds stanchion post. For example, rope barrier have two different ropes with different finished hook for option, such like different color of velour rope or poly, and the finished can be titanium gold or brushed or polished, but normally owner may choose the one which more match their decorative. Material, it is mainly stainless steel, iron. 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel and make the difference finished: brushed , polished, titanium gold. Iron tube will in color painting finished .

Where there is a lot of peoples ,it is needed to maintain order. When you go to Macau, you can find a lot of crowd control barrier in the entrance hall.if without crowd control stanchions, how it will comes? When a lot of people, the hall will become very congested. Too many peoples and it’s difficult to  move on, to find entrance or instruction. Everything will out of control if no line barrier, no sign post. Sign post may indicated information you need, it also can be the guidebook  for people to found their way, no need to ask someone or find the reception desk, will save more time for both .

When our lives are missing the stanchion post ? What will happen ? Chaos, congestion, bickering, queue-jumping,  slow queues , low efficiency etc . So many problem will come out and we also don’t want to see this problems .if our lives are missing the stanchion post  that need more and more police officers are needed to keep order, to keep our lift in order. This wastes more manpower and material resources.

Small things have a big effect.Stanchion post is very important in our life 


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