Stainless steel Stanchion posts
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Stainless steel Stanchion posts

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Stainless steel Stanchion posts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, the stanchion posts have been increasingly used for crowd prevention and control.

We usually can see the stanchion posts in hotel, airport, or other places. They usually use crowd control stanchions post to control the peoples when there are many peoples. This will prevent chaos. As you know when you go to the hotel lobby or airport to buy tickets and check in, or other place to do the business. Will meet a lot people. If without crowd control barriers. There’s going to be a mess. So the stanchion posts for crowd control is very important at that time.

Especially after being affected by the epidemic, the stanchion posts play an important role in preventing people from being too crowded in public areas.Through the above introduction, I think everyone should be know the purpose and the importance of the stanchion posts for crowd control.

As the manufacturer for crowd control barriers,luggage cart,housekeeping cleaning carts, banquet chair etc, we always target 4-5 star hotels to provide better quality products and competitive prices for all distributors all over the word.

We supply all kinds of luxurious crowd control barriers with the fashionable and elegant appearance, guaranteed quality and durability. These crowd control stanchions post are the best choices for hotels

In addition, our company also developed a Stainless steel Stanchion posts,which the belt with distance measurement mark.It is a retractable belt stanchion posts,The belt is calibrated 0.5 meters apart to prevent people from standing too close together in line. And the total length of the belt is 1.8 meters.

There are two color optional for this retractable belt stanchion posts,Stainless steel brush finished,Stainless steel black power coated.62mm stainless steel tube,with 5.4kgs baseweight.The diameter of the stanchion posts base is 300mm, the size of the retractable belt stanchion posts is Ø300*900Hmm.

Besides,the belt color of the Stainless steel Stanchion posts also have two color optional,black and red color.

And our company also specially designed an sign board for this type of retractable belt stanchion posts to match. Stainless steel frame,with 2pcs transparent acrylic panels which Users can decide what to display at their own discretion. Removable sign board,and the size:220*62*460Hmm. It also have two color optional of the frame, stainless steel in brushed finish frame,stainless steel in black finish frame. So you can choose the sign board color based on the retractable belt stanchion posts color which you have ordered.


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