Structure and material of the housekeeping trolley
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Structure and material of the housekeeping trolley

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Structure and material of the housekeeping trolley

The housekeeping trolley mainly collects used linen, issues new linen, and is equipped with a pull-down compartment to store various tools and equipment, such as cleaning tools and disposables. The housekeeping trolley is designed for the staff to clean the rooms faster and better and resupply the rooms with supplies at once. Here are two aspects of the housekeeping trolley to further understand

 Structure of housekeeping trolley

 The material of the housekeeping trolley

The structure of the housekeeping trolley

housekeeping trolley, including the bottom plate, the bottom four corners of the bottom plate is equipped with universal wheels, the top of the bottom plate on the left side of the fixed installation of the cabinet body, the cabinet body in front of the opening, the cabinet body in front of the left side of the hinged connection cabinet door, the cabinet body fixed installation of the partition, the partition will be divided into two parts of the cabinet body, the bottom of the cabinet body on the left and right sides and the front and rear sides were fixed installation of the baffle, the top of the cabinet body placed toiletries. The first vertical plate is located on the right side of the cabinet, the right side of the first vertical plate is provided with two-second vertical plates evenly distributed before and after, the bottom end of the second vertical plate is fixedly connected with the top surface of the bottom plate, the first vertical plate and the second vertical plate correspond to each other, the second vertical plate wall first hundred-degree vertical plate high, two first vertical plate and two-second vertical plate opposite sides are fixedly connected by a horizontal plate, the top surface of the horizontal plate is opened in the middle of the rectangular slot The housekeeping trolley can adjust the position of the push-pull handle according to the height of the hotel cleaning staff, adapting to the height of the hotel cleaning staff, which is easy to operate and saves time and effort.

The material of the housekeeping trolley

The housekeeping trolley is more, stainless steel, steel wood, iron baking paint, plastic. The material determines its durability, so the purchase should be based on the actual needs of the hotel. housekeeping trolley not only has the function of collecting cloth and grass but also can collect room garbage, according to the different functions there are single-sided, bilateral, raised, with doors and other styles, so you can reasonably buy the style you need according to the actual situation of the hotel rooms. housekeeping The price of the trolley. Price has been an important reference basis for the purchase. Price generally ranges from a few hundred to a couple of thousand, this is mainly due to the housekeeping trolley material, function, specifications and other factors to determine.

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