The difference between hotel public furniture and civil furniture
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The difference between hotel public furniture and civil furniture

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The difference between hotel public furniture and civil furniture

The hotel public furniture is more damaged than the civil furniture, the guests are at different levels, the concept of furniture care is not the same, so hotel public furniture and civil furniture has a big difference

1. The difference in material requirements

2. The difference between civil furniture and hotel public furniture maintenance

The difference in material requirements

Hotel public furniture is suitable for use with high hardness, wear resistance, good scratch resistance finish furniture, guest room coffee table, writing desk, etc., guests will often smoke here, accidentally will burn the surface of the furniture, the design should try to consider the fire performance of the countertop, available with fire performance of the finish material or glass; hotel public furniture appearance quality The first requirement is that the furniture table surface is flat, fine workmanship, fine decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, MDF, joinery, laminate and several others as the base material, using thin wood, wood veneer, three plywood as the cladding material. The material properties of the different substrates and veneers vary and failure to pay attention to the properties of the materials and the correct use of them can often lead to warping of the panels. The structural properties of the back and front surfaces must be the same or similar, the moisture content of the base material must be 6-10% and the material chosen must be as close to the same batch as possible. In the workshop process, the loading and press time is kept as short as possible, with different material characteristics, different moisture content of the laminate, different glueing thickness, press time and pressure. Civil furniture does not generally need to be considered for this purpose. The fabric of the lap chair should be considered flame retardant, while civil furniture also does not need to be considered for this purpose.

The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of hotel public furniture should be good; and most of the hotel bathrooms with guest rooms together, affected by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes, etc., will cause furniture deformation, seal off, mould, etc., affecting the appearance of furniture, damaging the image of the hotel, directly affecting the occupancy rate of the hotel; and civil furniture is relatively low. General hotel does not have a clear formaldehyde-free amount of regulations, but there are furniture fire requirements in the hotel that allows certain parts of the case can use fire-resistant panels, anti-scald paint, flame retardant fabrics, etc... High-end hotels even require the production of furniture wood after fire treatment.

The difference between civil furniture and hotel public furniture maintenance

The difference between hotel public furniture and hotel public furniture is that it is much more difficult to maintain than the civil ones, because most of the hotel public furniture is connected to the bathing area, so it is easier to be wet, while the civil furniture is different, it is their own furniture, family members will be relatively cherished.

ZHUHAI LAICOZY IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. reasonable material structure and workshop technology arrangement has an interactive relationship, the production of hotel public furniture both in line with the hotel requirements, but also efficient production, reduce costs, the use of specialized processing technology, processing equipment so that the production of furniture in line with the high-end hotel people-oriented The use of specialised processing techniques and equipment enables the production of furniture that meets the human-centred comfort requirements of high-end hotels.


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