The necessity of hotel luggage racks
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The necessity of hotel luggage racks

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The necessity of hotel luggage racks

Hotel luggage racks have become a must for every hotel in Hotel furniture. It can not only save indoor space, but also effectively reduce health hazards, and is one of the important magic weapons to improve customer satisfaction. Many five-star hotels also provide hotel luggage racks of different sizes according to the needs of guests.

Here is the content list:

  • Why do hotel rooms have luggage racks?

  • Why Many Hotels Choose Wooden Hotel Luggage Racks

  • Check out our modern beech collapsible hotel luggage rack

Why do hotel rooms have luggage racks?

Hotel luggage racks should not be a saving grace for any hotel, especially for the elderly and those with back problems. It is very difficult, painful, and cumbersome for guests not to be able to lift their suitcases all the time. In most cases, a good Hotel furniture luggage rack can hold any luggage, and its presence in the room allows guests to put luggage in the right place instead of on the bed or elsewhere in the room. In doing so, Hotel furniture luggage racks bring more storage space to the room, which guests may appreciate. Plus, hotel luggage racks keep items off the floor and provide overhead storage for your guests.

Why Many Hotels Choose Wooden Hotel Luggage Racks

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your hotel room, choose a wooden Hotel furniture luggage rack. Because it is more durable. Wooden hotel luggage racks can be polished if they show wear. Wood luggage racks are also stronger and blend in with the neutral style of the hotel room. Also, you may be hesitant about the weight of the roof rack, since wood is likely to be heavier and more expensive to ship. You can choose a lighter wood, such as bamboo, to make the Hotel furniture luggage rack more portable.

Check out our modern beech collapsible hotel luggage rack

Specifications: Luggage rack, solid beech, honey-colored finish, without backrest, three shoulder straps in black nylon.

Opening size: 600*400*560Hmm

Hotel furniture delivery time: within 50 days after receiving the deposit.

Payment terms: T/T 30% deposit, the balance should be paid before shipment. Payment by letter of credit is also acceptable.

Price terms: FOB Guangzhou/Shenzhen or ex-factory price

Colors: 200 Mahogany, 100 Dark Walnut, 400 Honey, 500 Light Oak Available in straight or contoured legs, providing a premium option to suit every decor

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