The operation of hotel luggage carts
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The operation of hotel luggage carts

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The operation of hotel luggage carts

The luggage trolley is very widely used and convenient. What are its main features? That is the long-distance labour-saving handling. In general, in life, luggage trolleys are only used when items are heavy or need to be carried over long distances, which saves a lot of effort; if they are only short distances and not too heavy, they are chosen to be carried manually by themselves. hotel luggage carts offer customers a high quality of service and a feeling of being valued through their convenience. A great hotel luggage cart outdoor lobby item is the first impression guests get when they first arrive. It is the reflection of the hotel class. Perfectly welded and good looking, the luggage trolley gives a premium and luxurious feel.

 Hotel luggage cart loading luggage

 The operation principle of the hotel luggage cart

Hotel luggage cart loading luggage

Put the hotel luggage cart to the side of the corridor against the wall first, and then unload the luggage from the cart in order from small to large (avoid pushing the luggage cart into the room as much as possible) after obtaining the guest's consent.

The hotel luggage cart can put up to 2 suitcases, the handle and the opening side will face outward to facilitate guests to pick up the items, hotel luggage cart above try not to place other luggage, if there is other luggage ask the guests after the guests request placement.

After placing the luggage, ask the guest to confirm the number of pieces of luggage and whether the outer packaging is intact, check whether there is other luggage on the hotel luggage cart and return to work quickly.

The operation principle of the hotel luggage cart

The bottom frame is equipped with a translating motor, a translating gear is coaxially connected with the translating motor, a translating screw is rotatingly connected with the bottom frame, the translating screw is threaded with the slide plate, the translating gear engages with the translating screw, the bottom frame is equipped with a handle, the handle is equipped with a driver, the driver is electrically connected with the translating motor, the bottom side of the bottom frame is equipped with a universal wheel; The two folding plates rotate and fold each other, thus reducing the hotel luggage cart, and the translation mechanism drives the skateboard to move, and the skateboard restricts the rotation of the two folding plates through the rigid pins so that the rigid pins can achieve the role of luggage bearing. 

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