The purchase and use of hotel luggage cart regulations
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The purchase and use of hotel luggage cart regulations

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The purchase and use of hotel luggage cart regulations

Design comes from life, yes, if not seen in life "almost" event, the luggage car load space almost can be loaded with goods, no such thing happens. The design comes from life, yes, if not in the life to see the "almost" event, the luggage cart load space almost can be loaded with goods, there are such things happen. The luggage cart, which is specially designed to carry luggage for guests, is the face of a hotel and is also a representation of the hotel to its distinguished guests. It is the first impression of the guests when they arrive for the first time. It is a reflection of your hotel class. Here is a further understanding of hotel luggage cart

 Hotel luggage cart use regulations

 Hotel luggage cart shopping methods

Hotel luggage cart use regulations

The hotel luggage cart used by the hotel usually has, such as the attached several, when the luggage staff use hotel luggage cart amount with should pay special attention to certain items and use requirements: to pay attention to the hotel luggage cart maintenance and cleaning, keep its appearance elegant, in the late night, to the hotel luggage In the late night, you have to add oil to the rotating parts of the luggage cart to avoid the sound of sisters-in-law when carrying luggage; you cannot use the small luggage cart to carry more than six pieces of common luggage, while the large hotel luggage cart can only carry up to 15 pieces of common weight luggage at the same time;

When using the hotel luggage cart, you should be careful not to let the luggage cart touch the elevator, the wallpaper of the floor and the door hanging, so as not to damage the hotel's property and increase maintenance costs;

Push the amount to pay attention to the surrounding guests, do not touch or bruise guests; when the hotel luggage cart is not used, should be arranged neatly according to the designated and place, do not put, so as not to affect the perception of the hotel to the guests; loaded luggage should be carefully placed lightly never put heavy, so as not to cause adverse effects and damage to the guests' luggage.

Hotel luggage cart purchase methods

Different materials of hotel luggage cart have their own advantages, according to the actual needs of the hotel to buy.

First, titanium luggage cart is made of titanium material, with tough, corrosion-resistant, silver bright, will not turn black, not allergic to anyone, anti-oxidation is relatively good, and titanium is the only metal that does not have any effect on human plant nerves.

Second, stainless steel luggage cart is made of stainless steel materials, with the advantages of tough, corrosion-resistant, silver bright, but relatively titanium materials, oxidation resistance is not as good as titanium.

Third, copper luggage cart is made of copper materials, with tough, durable, durable, anti-color, antioxidant and corrosion resistance, but the price will be relatively high.

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