The requirements of hotel luggage cart in the work
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The requirements of hotel luggage cart in the work

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The requirements of hotel luggage cart in the work

hotel luggage cart is mainly made of stainless steel, titanium, copper and other materials, hotel luggage cart types according to the different manufacturing materials can be broadly divided into the following categories: copper luggage cart is made of copper materials, with the advantages of tough, durable, long-lasting colour, oxidation and corrosion resistance, but the price will be relatively high.

  • How hotel luggage cart work

  • Hotel luggage cart use requirements

How hotel luggage cart work

Standard pushing method of the hotel luggage cart

Hold the handrail with both hands, maintain the general walking speed, always keep the "universal wheel in the back of the fixed wheel in front", prohibit one hand to drag the luggage cart.

The meeting and turning of the hotel luggage cart

Take the initiative to avoid guests and ask them to go ahead and say hello, if you encounter a guest blocking the road, you can stop for a moment and politely ask the guest to give way, slow down before turning and try to enter the corner at a large angle.

Hotel luggage cart in and out of the elevator

When waiting for the elevator, stand to the side of the elevator door and place the luggage cart to the side to avoid affecting others' access.

Avoid taking the same elevator with the guest as far as possible, if the guest requests, you can go with 1~2 people at most (at this time, you should pay attention to the luggage cart first and then enter), apologize to the guest for using the elevator on the way and ask him/her to take the next elevator, apologize to the guest first when you come out of the elevator and pass carefully and quickly after the guest gives way.

Hotel luggage cart use requirements

The hotel luggage cart used by the hotel is usually used by the luggage staff when the luggage cart is used and special attention should be paid to certain items and requirements for use.

Pay attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of the hotel luggage cart, keep its appearance elegant, in the late-night, to the luggage cart's rotating mocha parts oil, to avoid the sisters-in-law noise when carrying luggage;

Small hotel luggage trolleys cannot be used to carry more than six pieces of luggage, while large hotel luggage trolleys can only carry up to 15 pieces of luggage of normal weight at the same time;

When using the hotel luggage cart, you should be careful not to let the hotel luggage cart touch the elevator, the wallpaper of the floor and the door hanging, so as not to damage the hotel's property and increase the maintenance cost;

Push the number of cars to pay attention to the surrounding guests, do not touch or bruise guests; when hotel luggage cart is not used, should be arranged neatly according to the designated and place, do not put, so as not to affect the perception of the hotel to the guests; loaded luggage should be carefully placed lightly never put heavy, so as not to cause adverse effects and damage to the guests' luggage.

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