The usage of Safe box
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The usage of Safe box

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The usage of Safe box

In general, safe box widely used in everywhere, in hotel, restaurant, shop, supermarket, home, or any places which need to stock important things. Mostly will use in front office for them to keep the import documents or cash, But for hotel will use more than anywhere, as for star hotel, all the rooms have safe box, customers need to stock their things, such like notebook, I pad or documents,etc, so it’s helpful for customers to keep stuffs, let’s talk about safe box.



Normally, we use steel material for safe box, it’s common use this material of safe box, our safe box is solid steel, with pry-resistant function, durable material safe offers rugged reliability and long-lasting strength. As we do know, the things we put into safe box, mostly are very important and valuable, so the safe box must durable enough, as well as the inner, we use soft gray carpet on the surface layer to ensuring jewelry or other delicate articles are safeguarded against scratches or damage, this detail is useful for every clients.  





There are different design of safe box, round shape, square, rectangular, or some other shapes,with different open direction of the door, also can be different color painting, like gray, black white color. our safe box with digital lock which offers easily operation, you just need to install your own pass code first , then try to open it with your pass code. Beside the color and shape of the safe box, our room safe box has bright lights inside, when you open it, the light will turn on automatically, and after close, it turns off. It’s very multi-user friendly for clients to find the things they need, clearly to check as well, as for some old type, there may don’t have lights insides.




About the size, it’s regular size for hotel, which they will put the safe box into the wardrobe, or drawer, so the size can not be too large,but can be smaller, it’s different with home-use safe box. But the regular capacity is enough to keep a wide range of items, such like legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, laptop,and more valuable items when you were in vacation, it will comes peace of mind that to knowing all your prized are in safe protected because of this security safe.


Therefore, to choose a suitable safe box is important for hotels, it effects client experiences in the coming days when they stayed,as it’s helpful for customer to storage their value things. 


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