The use and placement of the housekeeping trolley
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The use and placement of the housekeeping trolley

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The use and placement of the housekeeping trolley

The housekeeping trolley is designed for the staff to clean the rooms faster and better and resupply the rooms with supplies at once. The housekeeping trolley is prepared to put the daily replacement of cotton fabrics and consumables on the trolley, the housekeeping trolley is always blocked at the door of the room being cleaned when working, the items on the trolley are neatly placed, easy to get, not dirty and not messy, keep the curtain and rag bag clean and not broken.

  • Housekeeping trolley use instructions

  • Housekeeping trolley's standard placement of cloth trolley

Housekeeping trolley use instructions

Push the trolley with the bottom facing the room and the back facing outward. Be careful not to damage the wallpaper, corners and other equipment. All kinds of items must be sorted according to the prescribed format. Dirty clothes and garbage should be placed in the bag of clothes and garbage bag, and should not overflow out of the bag. Rags are hung on the side of the work trolley and are to be neatly arranged. housekeeping trolley is not to exceed the number of daily necessities in 13 rooms at most, and the amount of cloths is not to exceed the amount in 5 rooms in general. The work trolley is neat, clean and beautiful. When there is an abnormal situation should be timely maintenance done.

Housekeeping trolley's standard placement of cloth trolley

The housekeeping trolley's cloth bag is hung on the hook, the left side is used to collect towels, the right side is used to collect bed sheets: empty the cloth bag at the end of each shift, clean the inside and outside of the cloth bag, garbage bags cannot be hung on the cloth cart. Four-grid bucket placed on the pedal of the cloth cart, keep the cleaning tools clean, sufficient medicine; put the cloth in the cart frame, placed in compartments according to the regulations: cloth and supplies complete and neat: both sides are placed on the cleaning and cleaning tools; disposable supplies in the material tray, placed neatly according to the location of the label instructions; 70% of the total amount of rooms equipped in the region; equipped with the number of. Tea, cup covers and other items involved in food hygiene shall be placed in clean plastic bags. The garbage bags and garbage withdrawn from the room cannot be placed in the cloth bag or placed in other positions of the housekeeping trolley; the withdrawn cloth cannot be placed on the guest goods, the height of the dirty cloth exceeds that of the cloth bag, the cloth cart must be pushed back to work to unload the dirty cloth, the housekeeping trolley cannot store personal belongings, guests left behind Things; work at any time to organize the housekeeping trolley, the items placed neatly.

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