The use of housekeeping trolley in the hands of room attendants
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The use of housekeeping trolley in the hands of room attendants

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The use of housekeeping trolley in the hands of room attendants

Housekeeping trolley is made of high-quality plastic, high strength structure, each side with a top design classification compartment, easy to place all kinds of items, some room service trolley also use door design, can temporarily store items, give people a good, wonderful visual effect, is the best selection of supplies for star hotels, hotels, leisure clubs and tea restaurants!

l  The use of a housekeeping trolley

l  Housekeeping trolley finishing specification

The use of a housekeeping trolley

The first task of the housekeeping staff is to clean the rooms. There are certain rules for cleaning the rooms. Pushing the housekeeping trolley, the attendant enters the room by knocking on the door, and after entering the door, the first step is to open the window, then pack the garbage and take it out. The next step is to start making the bed, to remove the quilt, sheets and pillowcases that have been used by the guests, and replace them one by one according to the bed-making procedure. After all, this is over and starts cleaning, it is important to note that here wet cloths generally wipe wooden furniture, dry cloths wipe metal and glass furniture, every little place can not be spared, the overall wiping order in a circular pattern, the whole process but also a variety of furniture, utensils back to their original position, as well as check how many daily supplies consumed in the room. Details such as where the phone should be placed in the middle of the nightstand, how the pen tip on the notepaper should be oriented, and how to check the cleanliness of the mirror by squinting a few times when wiping it, all need to be taken seriously during the whole cleaning process. After cleaning, you have to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Here you have to let the vacuum cleaner's mouth move along with the carpet's literature so that it will not damage the carpet but also clean it. The final step is to replace any items that have been consumed in the room, and if there are any missing items, record them and report them to the housekeeping clerk. Push the housekeeping trolley to clean room by room.

Housekeeping trolley finishing specification

If you want to be good at what you do, you have to use the housekeeping trolley (items, tools, etc.), and you can get twice the result with half the effort if you use the housekeeping trolley reasonably. trolley how to organize, more conducive to improve efficiency it. Check housekeeping trolley clean, must ensure that the work car is free of debris, dust and dirt, neat and clean. Check whether the housekeeping trolley is running properly, make sure the trolley is free of noise and flexible when pushing and using. The housekeeping trolley must have a cover cloth on it to keep it beautiful and clean. Cloths and garbage are reasonably placed. According to the regulations of compartmentalization, the specification and quantity of items placed should consider the convenience and neatness of work, heavy things at the bottom, light things at the top.

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