What are outdoor furniture materials?
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What are outdoor furniture materials?

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When evaluating outdoor furniture, you’re probably going to look for many of the same characteristics that you value in indoor tables, chairs and sofas – durability, comfort and style (and of course price). The primary difference, however, is that patio furniture has to endure exposure to the weather outside. While there is virtually no 100% weatherproof patio furniture, there are big differences based on the outdoor furniture materials used.

Generally speaking, outdoor furniture materials requires outdoor use, perennial sun and rain, wind and frost, so the material requirements are good, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are strong. So what are outdoor furniture materials? The following article will describe what are outdoor furniture materials:

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l What are outdoor furniture materials?


What are outdoor furniture materials?

Ⅰ Metal

One of the most durable outdoor furniture materials, metal is a reliable choice for your patio or yard. Read on for an overview of the benefits of each metal. While browsing on Wayfair, find the product's specific metal in the product description's specifications section.

1 Aluminum

Lightweight yet sturdy enough to stand up against high winds, aluminum is one of the best, most common outdoor furniture materials. Aluminum is highly durable and rust-resistant, so it's great for use around salt water, which can easily corrode and oxidize other metals. It comes at affordable prices and requires little maintenance. Aluminum outdoor furniture is often finished with a protective paint or powder coating, but it can also be covered with wicker or sling for a softer look and feel.

outdoor furniture

2 Steel

Heavier and harder than aluminum, steel outdoor furniture resists dents and is resilient against high winds. The weight of steel furniture does mean it can be a bit difficult to move around. Plain steel rusts easily, so it's important to choose stainless or galvanized steel for your outdoor furniture.

3 Wrought Iron

The heaviest of all the outdoor furniture metals, wrought iron furniture will put up the strongest fight against harsh winds. Though many wrought iron pieces are now powder coated for protection, this rustic metal is much less water-resistant than aluminum and steel and rusts easily without the proper care.

Ⅱ Plastic, Recycled Plastic, Polymer & Resin

Lightweight, inexpensive, and available in a wide variety of colors and textures, plastic furniture (especially resin) can be made to resemble wicker rattan, wood, and more. Recycled plastic and resin furniture is highly durable and resistant to moisture, stains, mildew, and insects. These low-maintenance outdoor furniture materials won't peel, crack or fade, and don't require any additional finishes to remain in good condition. Many plastic outdoor furniture styles can be stacked for easy storage, which is especially helpful before storms, as these outdoor furniture materials are easily moved by wind.

Ⅲ Rattan

Wicker rattan furniture is made of durable natural rattan fiber strips that are tightly woven in the wicker style. Because wicker describes the weaving style and not the material, it's not uncommon to find wicker furniture made of synthetic outdoor furniture materials as well. Wicker rattan furniture is classic in appearance, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. Rattan can fade in sunlight and isn't moisture-resistant, so it's good to bring rattan furniture inside or cover it when it rains or is particularly sunny. Over time, the rattan fibers can loosen.

Ⅳ Wood

Natural in appearance, wood is a classic choice for an outdoor furniture material. While browsing on Wayfair, find the product's specific wood in the product description's specifications section.

1 Teak & Shorea

Extremely hard and durable, teak and Shorea are some of the best outdoor furniture materials when cared for properly. These tropical hardwoods are resistant to rotting, warping, shrinkage, and swelling. If left untreated, teak and Shorea's natural golden-yellow hues will fade to a light gray patina that takes stain well. Of the two, teak tends to be more expensive.

2 Eucalyptus

Though not quite as strong or durable as teak or Shorea, untreated eucalyptus hardwood can be left to withstand the elements for decades without breaking down. It is sustainable and naturally insect-proof, with a gorgeous red-orange color that fades over time to a silvery gray. Eucalyptus does have some natural water resistance, but it is susceptible to shrinking and swelling with moisture.

3 Acacia

Durable and hardy, Acacia wood can hold its own against all sorts of weather. Because Acacia is such a common wood worldwide, Acacia outdoor furniture is considered an eco-friendly choice. Acacia is a beautiful, rich brown with golden undertones that can be enhanced with a stain or seal.

4 Cedar & Cypress

Light in weight and color, cedar is easy to move around and can be stained in almost any color to match the rest of your outdoor arrangement. The resin in cedar wood renders it insect- and rot-resistant. Though just as sturdy as other woods, cedar is softer, so it dents easily. It also tends to retain a lot of moisture and is susceptible to cracking. Cypress wood is similar to cedar wood in that it is lightweight, cream colored, and contains insect- and rot-resistant resin, though it is more resilient against moisture, dents, and scratches.


All in all, outdoor furniture materials should be very different from indoor furniture materials. Therefore, in the choice of outdoor furniture materials should be very careful. According to different types of furniture to choose the appropriate outdoor furniture materials will greatly improve your decoration efficiency, enhance the effect of home decoration. LAICOZY was set up with an aim to be a central contact point between the various factories owned and operated by the group. Customers are specifically partnered with LAICOZY because their products like outdoor furniture materials fit the bill – Reliable and safe. Through this commitment they have enjoyed long term relationships with their customers in reaching mutual benefits and cooperation.


LAICOZY was set up with an aim to be a central contact point between the various factories owned and operated by the group.
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