What is Garbage classification dustbins?
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What is Garbage classification dustbins?

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What is Garbage classification dustbins?

Society produces a lot of rubbish, such as leftover food, waste paper, plastic bottles and batteries every day. It has become a big headache in every city. How to solve this problem? I think rubbish classification is a good way of dealing with it.

Firstly, rubbish classification can reduce the amount of rubbish and the rubbish pollution to the environment. What is more, it can recycle resources, which will do good to our environmental protection.

Since rubbish classification has so many advantages, our government should take effective measures and immediate actions. Different Garbage classification dustbins should be placed in public places so that residents can leave their sorted rubbish in them.

Gina is the brand of our company's stainless steel rubbish bins.It represents the leader of health and environment equipment,intelligent and high-quality requirements,and more than the industry standard requirements for R&D and production.With the awe of human environmental protection life, relying on superb technology,advanced equipment,perfect testing and excellent team,we constantly optimize the production process to ensure the first-class products.

The State Council issued a plan to promote garbage classification on 2020 March 30, setting a goal for the recycling rate in cities where household garbage is sorted to reach 35 percent by 2020.

Now people have a very strong sense of environmental protection now. The dustbins play an important role in environmental protection.We usually can see the dustbins in everywhere now. So when you walk down the street or other places, you will can see clean and tidy

The waste bins can help people to collect the rubbish. Since we have the rubbish bins, people will not litter everywhere. It can keep the street or other places clean and tidy.In order to meet the needs of the market, our company has developed a variety of trash can,single rubbish bins combination, two metal dustbins combination, three stainless steel rubbish bins combination , four trash bins combination and so on.

Let me talk about the kinds of trash bins. There are many kinds of the waste bins, For example, according to the material,it can be stainless steel rubbish bins, metal indoor dustbins, plastic rubbish bins. According to the purpose, it can be lobby waste bins,garbage bins indoor, outdoor dustbins.Room dustbins and so on.

Our hotel lobby double bins use the good quality stainless steel , inner bin use good quality plastic bucket.Besides, our stainless steel dustbins have S/S Anti-Fingerprint. The S/S surface of the stainless steel rubbish bins is treated with FPR coating(oil removal,rust removal,brushed stain treatment,glazed treatment and so on...), which makes it delicate and smooth. No matter how the fingers touch the good quality stainless steel dustbins, there will be no residue left on the fingerprint. Besides, our metal indoor dustbins is waterproof,greasy and dry for long time use.


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