What is Hotel Interior Design Styles?
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What is Hotel Interior Design Styles?

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With the improvement of people’s economic income, the requirements for the quality of life are also constantly improved. The hotel is simply to provide accommodation and eating place, specifically for guests to provide accommodation and eating place. Hotels are now open for business, tourism, and entertainment.

  • What is the hotel design style?

  • What needs to be focused on during the use?

What is the hotel design style?

1. More humanized design style: 

different cities in different countries have different market needs and living habits. Stylist besides the human nature function of the standard be in harmony a person is designed in, understand the market need even, cannot exist individualism absolutely, in the design respect must be changed in an all-round way as far as possible, let a person feel sweet, have the feeling of the home. As a result, the hotel room furniture like the Customized hotel apartment bedroom furniture can do like this. It has a Cabinet, Wardrobe, Writing Table, TV Cabinet, Dining Table, and Cupboard which can give you a feeling of home.

2. Chinese hotel decoration design style: 

In the hotel design style, to combine the local culture, including hotel room furniture, lighting, art, and some folk sculpture and patterns, etc., the integration of various bits of material, plus some of the rules of the hotel should be a function and ornamental value of the same high hotel.

3. Modern hotel decoration design style:

No matter what type of hotel, the interior decoration style, and hotel room furniture should be consistent with its own hotel positioning and type, such as resort hotels should highlight the characteristics of relaxed and leisure, and the city hotel business atmosphere should be thicker. And for the hotel decoration and decoration design to suit the hotel’s operation and management, but also must conform to the hotel’s market positioning.

4.  Theme hotel design style

Theme hotel is through the cultural and historical background grafting way, to create one or more cultural themes as the symbol, and around the theme to create the hotel environment atmosphere, to provide characteristic hotel services. Hotel design inspiration often comes from a theme. And match some hotel room furniture in them.

What needs to be focused on during the use?

1. Themes: thematization is now the mainstream of hotel decoration, is essential, only highlight the theme of the hotel, can reflect the characteristics of the hotel, can better attract customers, but also can provide strong vitality for the survival and development of the hotel. If you want to run a good hotel, theming is indispensable.

2. Room layout: the important space for the hotel is the guest room, the quality of the hotel room furniture of the room can reflect the level of the hotel, the layout of the room space is flat and stable. Guest room in the overall spatial layout, to achieve bland, stable in the win. The bed is a leading role, the position of the bed decides the design of the space greatly.

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