What is lobby furniture design?
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What is lobby furniture design?

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What is lobby furniture design?

In recent years, the function of hotel reception areas has changed a lot, and it is no longer just about checking in and checking out. It is now a multifunctional space, used for meetings, chatting, relaxing, and even taxi drivers waiting for their fare. In a hotel, condominium, or apartment building, the lobby is the first thing residents and guests see. How the lobby or lounge is designed will create the atmosphere of the entire building. Elegant and modern lobby furniture sets the tone for the customer experience.


Here is the content list:

l  Lobby furniture design concept

l  Consideration

l  Lobby furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere


Lobby furniture design concept

Lobby furniture design refers to the use of graphics (or model) and text description methods, according to the appearance of the hotel lobby to understand, express the lobby furniture shape, function, scale and size, color, material and structure, and then design in line with the style of the hotel lobby furniture.



l  Pay attention to the choice of lobby furniture material

Some large hotel chains will require the purchase of fireproof profiles in the elegant lobby furniture and the requirements of health and environmental protection materials. If there is a strong pungent taste, it means that the formaldehyde content is too high, long-term use will be harmful to people's health, but also affect the hotel experience and occupancy rate. Therefore, when purchasing hotel lobby furniture, the quality of the furniture is an important condition to be considered.

l  Hotel lobby furniture design and space utilization

The design of the lobby furniture should be simple and generous, and the space of the lobby should be used reasonably, and too much furniture should not be placed. The utility of furniture should be taken into account, and the furniture should be reasonably placed and customized according to demand, which will bring customers a more relaxed and pleasant experience. And the hotel lobby furniture manufacturers will have a professional design team, can timely issue the design scheme.


The role of lobby furniture design

With some modern furniture, you can give your lobby or lounge the same stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Seating is the most important part of designing an elegant and modern lobby or lounge in any building. Your guests, clients, and residents will see this space every day when they enter it, and will most likely stay there for a long time. There are some simple solutions to make your seat tasteful and stately using modern casual furniture.


Providing adequate seating for guests in the hotel lobby or lounge is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere. Hotel guests use the lobby to check in, check out, use the Internet, and plan their day. Therefore, sofas and various chairs can help guests find the space that suits their needs.


The hotel lobby can give customers the first impression of entering the hotel, its design and decoration must be attractive enough, can be filled with an atmosphere of noble quality, but not too much design idea. At this time, the design of hotel lobby furniture is very important. Lobby furniture design clever, in order to let the whole hotel lobby appears comfortable.


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