What is stanchion rope barrier?
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What is stanchion rope barrier?

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What is stanchion rope barrier?

stanchion rope barriers, also known as telescopic isolation belts, one-meter noodles, railing seats, security lines, mobile guardrails, etc. are widely used in daily work and life. Is widely used in isolation. This article will specifically introduce information about the stanchion rope barrier.





  • Classification of stanchion rope barrier

  • Application range of stanchion rope barrier




1. Classification of stanchion rope barrier

The stanchion rope barrier is generally divided into: stainless steel isolation belt, sprayed isolation belt, titanium isolation belt, copper, aluminum alloy, wood, PVC and other materials. Its specifications generally include: cross type, one-line type, CCB type. The bottom aprons protect the ground and prevent noise. High-strength polyester stretch with a variety of colors to choose from: green, gray, dark green, red, black, white, blue, etc., and the company logo can be printed on the tape according to customer needs.


2. Application range of stanchion rope barrier

stanchion rope barriers are also widely used indoors. For example, when we usually deposit and withdraw money, we need to protect our privacy and prevent the password from being seen by people on the near side. Therefore, the bank will set up an isolation zone outside each window to allow people in the back to stand in line behind the isolation zone, so that it can effectively prevent unintentional disclosure of personal information.

In addition, some shopping malls also need stanchion rope barrier to maintain order when holding large-scale events, so that everyone can be separated from each other, so as not to cause chaos and uncontrollable scenes. Everyone can queue up well if there is a barrier. Stations normally have fixed stanchion rope barrier, but to catch up with peak periods, such as statutory holidays, it is necessary to set up isolation belts to deal with high-traffic people. Let everyone buy tickets in an orderly manner, and also speed up the efficiency of buying tickets to avoid crowding.

Isolation belts are also used in hospitals, usually in the windows of the lobby. It is convenient for people to queue up for inquiries and make payments, otherwise, if there are more people, it will reduce the efficiency of hospital staff. In addition, for the sake of everyone's safety, the benefits of separation are still many.

In some emergency scenes, stanchion rope barriers are also used. For example, it is used as a safety zone and it is forbidden to exceed the isolation zone. When dealing with traffic accidents, the traffic police will set up a safe range in order to facilitate the collection of evidence and prevent the evidence from being damaged by the masses. Watching the crowd increase will make it difficult for the staff to proceed smoothly.

The stanchion rope barrier can be moved freely during use, and it does not consume much labor, which is indeed very convenient. And the bottom is stable and will not be easily knocked down by the wind, causing danger. Therefore, the role of the stanchion rope barrier is still very strong. It can be seen everywhere in life, and it is flexible to use and has a safe isolation effect.


In general, the application of stanchion rope barrier in our daily life and work is still very extensive. If you need to further understand the model and material of the stanchion rope barrier, you can pay attention to our website for consultation.


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