What is the meaning of Hotel equipment?
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What is the meaning of Hotel equipment?

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What is the meaning of Hotel equipment?

Hotel equipment is an industry that provides services for hotels, including catering services, room services and public services. Among them, the basic equipment of hotel rooms include beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, and generally also have telephones, TVs, alarm clocks; and refrigerators, which contain various beverages, alcohol and snacks, all of which are charged and paid at checkout.

What is the importance of Hotel equipment?

Why is Hotel equipment said to be the operating guarantee of a hotel?

What are the subdivisions of Hotel equipment?

What is the importance of Hotel equipment?

Hotel supplies and Hotel equipment are two indispensable hardware parts in the process of hotel production and operation. In the past, the hotel service industry belonged to the traditional manual service industry, and more technologies and skills were passed on through mentoring. In the process of operation, simple and convenient tools and appliances are also used to assist. Therefore, more hotel supplies are used. With the development of economy and society, machinery, electrical, electronic and other equipment gradually enter the hotel production and service process, so that the work efficiency is greatly improved and the product quality is more stable. Hotel equipment has gradually become a large part, and it has become a part of hotel hardware alongside hotel supplies. Hotel Supplies-Basic Requirements The basic equipment of the hotel room includes bed, wardrobe, coffee table, and generally also has a telephone, TV, alarm clock; and a minibar, which contains a variety of beverages, alcohol and snacks, all of which are charged at checkout paid when.

Why is Hotel equipment said to be the operating guarantee of a hotel?

(1) Hotel equipment includes engineering support facilities: such as transformer and power distribution facilities, air conditioning and refrigeration facilities, backup power generation facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, hot water supply facilities, laundry rooms and their required equipment and facilities.

(2) Hotel equipment includes security facilities: such as intercom communication facilities, accident broadcasting facilities, fire command facilities, fire monitoring facilities, various fire-fighting equipment, etc.

(3) Hotel equipment includes internal operation support facilities: such as staff canteens, staff dormitories, staff clubs, staff locker rooms, staff passages, etc. Products used in hotels.

Including: complete sets of catering supplies and room equipment supplies, linen and consumables, glasses and ceramic tableware, kitchen equipment and engineering, hotel furniture and banquet dining tables and chairs, etc.

What are the subdivisions of Hotel equipment?

Room Amenities

Bedding, room linen, room curtains, safety deposit box, electric iron, ironing board, audio equipment, TV turntable, room refrigerator, electric kettle, room telephone, clothes rack, clothespins, bamboo, wood products, keys, hand cards, beauty Mirrors, trash cans, non-slip mats, signage, and other room supplies.

cleaning supplies

Air purifiers, cleaners, cleaning tools, disinfectants, window cleaners, polishers, blow dryers, dredges.

Catering supplies

Ceramic tableware, gold-plated (silver) wine set, plastic tea set, turntable stainless steel products, food model, glassware, wine cart, hotel tablecloth, hotel linen, hotel chair cover, hotel curtain, and other catering supplies.

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