What is the meaning of Hotel interior design?
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What is the meaning of Hotel interior design?

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What is the meaning of Hotel interior design?

As an enterprise with special operating rules and service characteristics, the interior functional layout of a hotel is different from that of general office buildings or commercial buildings. It requires reasonable planning and design of interior functional layout and operating space from the perspective of hotel operation. Hotel interior design is very important for hotel management.

What are the requirements for the design of Hotel interior design?

What are the elements of the design of Hotel interior design?

What should we pay attention to Hotel interior design?

What are the requirements for the design of Hotel interior design?

1. Design outline of Hotel interior design:

The design brief was set by the hotel based on the number of rooms, type of food and beverage, meeting space and other hotel planning requirements for each project.

2. Use of design standards:

The facility summary and subsequent facility planning table form the basis and control applicable design standards for Hotel interior design. Together, the design brief and the facility schedule, combined with specific applicable design standards, serve as guidelines for hotel design. In addition, government decrees, building codes and regulations, as well as the current site conditions and local environmental factors will affect the Hotel interior design.

What are the elements of the design of Hotel interior design?

1. Spatial elements. Rationalization of Hotel interior design and giving people the feeling of beauty is the basic task of design. We must have the courage to explore the new image that the era and technology have given to the space, and not to stick to the space image formed in the past.

2. color requirements. In addition to affecting the visual environment, indoor colors also directly affect people's emotions and psychology. The scientific use of color is conducive to work and health. Proper handling of color can not only meet the functional requirements but also achieve beautiful results. In addition to complying with general color laws, interior colors also vary with the changing aesthetics of the times.

3. Lighting requirements. Humans love the beauty of nature, and often direct sunlight into the room to eliminate the sense of darkness and closure in the room, especially the top light and soft scattered light, making the indoor space more intimate and natural. The transformation of light and shadow makes the Hotel interior design more colorful and gives people a variety of feelings.

What should we pay attention to Hotel interior design?

(1) Design of strength, stiffness and stability

The more complex component design in Hotel interior design is often composed of veneer material and component skeleton, and their strength, stiffness and other issues not only directly affect the decorative effect, but also may cause harm to people. For example, the cladding glass and aluminum alloy skeleton of the glass curtain wall, as well as the connection between them, under the action of various normal loads, if their strength and rigidity are insufficient, the glass may be broken, endangering life and property safety.

(2), connection security

In the Hotel interior design, the connection node bears various loads acting from the outside world and transmits it to the main structure. If the strength of the connection node is insufficient, the entire decorative component will fall, causing injury, which is very dangerous.

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