What is the meaning of hotel kitchen equipment?
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What is the meaning of hotel kitchen equipment?

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What is the meaning of hotel kitchen equipment?

A well-designed hotel kitchen is an integral part of efficient, safe, and convenient food preparation, and hotel kitchen designers design hotel kitchens ergonomically, designing a kitchen that takes as few steps as possible to accomplish a task.

With careful consideration, the design plan of the hotel kitchen will save money and time in the construction phase and improve the living standard. The design plan of the hotel kitchen is determined by the space requirements, equipment and budget. The selection of high-quality hotel kitchen equipment can effectively improve the business efficiency of the hotel.

What should I consider when preparing to order hotel kitchen equipment?

What is the process for preparing to order hotel kitchen equipment?

What is the effect achieved by hotel kitchen equipment?

What should I consider when preparing to order hotel kitchen equipment?

Preparing a detailed list or menu of all food in a hotel kitchen, detailing how the food is stored and prepared, is one of the most important steps in planning a hotel kitchen and should be done before choosing a space or equipment.

You don't know what kind of hotel kitchen equipment you will need until you decide what food you will prepare. Include all menu items you can add in the future, a small hotel kitchen, as a bakery or sandwich shop, may not meet the health code requirements, if you want to add soup, salad, fried food or pizza, plan carefully , reduce unnecessary expenses, and order necessary hotel kitchen equipment.

What is the process for preparing to order hotel kitchen equipment?

1. Make a complete list (including detailed measurements) of all the hotel kitchen equipment you need, food preparation, refrigeration, display and storage, each item of equipment must meet the requirements of commercial health regulations, do you need one Walk-in refrigeration units or stand-alone cold storage units, the size and number of units, plus food preparation aspects, will determine the amount of space required in your commercial kitchen;

2. Choose a site location for your hotel kitchen equipment, determine that you will be building a new building or remodeling an existing commercial space, contact your local zoning board to determine if your new business meets zoning restrictions.

What is the effect achieved by hotel kitchen equipment?

1. If you are remodeling an existing room, take precise measurements of the size of the space, noting the existing windows, doorways, electrical outlets, plumbing and floor drains, make a sketch of the existing space, illustrating the current floor Materials, surfaces of walls and ceilings, all heating, exhaust or air conditioning vents, for a new building, a rough sketch of dimensions and special features of hotel kitchen equipment construction proposals;

2. Plan how to use the space of your hotel kitchen, ergonomics is a consideration in deciding the design of hotel kitchen equipment, hotel kitchens should be designed for maximum labor efficiency, safety and functionality, ensuring there is enough space to move around When carrying hot pans and bulky supplies, if employees don’t need to waste time and extra movement to complete tasks, efficiency increases and fatigue and workplace injuries decrease.

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