What lobby Equipment do the hotels need?
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What lobby Equipment do the hotels need?

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What lobby Equipment do the hotels need?

The lobby of the hotel is the first space for the hotel to receive guests, and it is also the place where guests make their first impression of the hotel. Therefore, the hotel needs to pay special attention to the design,decoration of the lobby and the lobby equipment arrangements to create a comfortable reception environment for guests. This article will introduce you to the history of hotel lobby development and some essential lobby equipment.




  • The history of the hotel lobby

  • What are the hall equipment



1. History of the hotel lobby


In the early European hotels, Lobby is usually not big, but it is the hotel's management and operation center. Reception, registration, settlement, storage, consultation, concierge, security and other functions are complete in this place, and even the management and cleaning of rooms are handled here. The lobby of many small hotels with only a dozen or more than twenty rooms often only needs one or two full-time managers. However, since the "big bang" phenomenon of hotel development in the United States in the early 1970s, the traditional hotel model has changed, the scale of hotel construction has become larger and larger, and the size of the hotel lobby has expanded accordingly. A lot of service functions have also been added, such as a bar in the lobby, a shop, a newsstand, a valuables storage room, a guest ’s luggage storage room and so on. Nowadays, the single reception management function of the old-style lobby can no longer meet the needs of large and medium-sized hotels. To shape the image of the hotel, create an elegant atmosphere, create a good impression of the guests, enrich the lobby equipment, provide high-end welcome venues and make profits for the hotel through these changes have become the main features of the contemporary hotel lobby.


2. What are the hall equipment


(1) Hotel entrance gate. The entrance is the most eye-catching hotel lobby equipment, it can be said to be the facade of the hotel lobby. In general, hotel doors are required to be spacious, windproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean. There are many types of doors, such as hand-sliding doors, revolving doors, and automatic doors. Automatic doors are generally used in hotel lobbies, with sliding doors standing on one side to prepare for unexpected needs. This hotel lobby equipment often displays the hotel's unique logo or cultural characteristics.


(2) Luggage cart. Luggage trolleys are the hotel lobby equipment that high-end hotels provide. Generally speaking, guests staying in hotels will have a lot of luggage, and high-end hotels will provide guests with luggage pick-up and drop-off services to help guests deliver luggage to their rooms.This car's body is shiny mirror polished finish or brass gold finish, commercial red/ black/blue carpet, universal pneumatic wheels, non-marking on the marble floor, let people feel the car's dexterity and luxury.


(3) Various lamps. The lobby of large hotels is very spacious, so the hotel will choose large chandeliers, which can not only increase the momentum, but also add beauty. They are  beautiful and practical hotel lobby equipment. The lamps are divided into Chinese and Western styles, how to choose them is a question depends on the overall decoration style of the hotel.


Of course, in addition, there are many hotel lobby equipment, such as sofas, reception desks, lounges and so on. These lobby equipment form the various functions of the hotel and bring a comfortable environment to the guests. If you want to know more about lobby equipment, you can consult on our website.


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