What’s specification for hotel room service trolley?
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What’s specification for hotel room service trolley?

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With the development of economy, domestic hotels and overseas famous hotels are expanding rapidly, many modern hotels are developing in the direction of luxury and comfort. Modern hotels are trying to create a "feel at home", so that guests feel comfortable and convenient as possible. So in the hotel every link is very important, any link of negligence will affect all other links of hard work. Room service is also indispensable and plays a very important role. Room service can meet the needs of guests 24 hours a day. If you order room service, you can enjoy delicious food and drink by the window without reservation, and enjoy the leisurely and pleasant dining experience in your own room. Avoid the noise of the restaurant, you can enjoy delicious food and beautiful night in a warm room. The personalized and elegant service of the delivery department is also a feature of the hotel, which will leave a deep impression on the guests. Therefore, the management of the delivery department is very important. Good and scientific delivery management can not only bring comfort and convenience to the guests, but also improve the quality of the hotel and create revenue.

Our room service trolley is good delivery tool for Room attendant, and always good experience for guest while enjoying the food. Let me introduce it by details.  There are room service trolley with hot box together. 

Regarding the room service trolley, the frame is stainless steel tubular construction frame with fireproof laminate plywood top.  For the table top, our factory have square and oval shape. The top is flexible triple fold design, while for your different dinning experience. The Heavy duty drop leaf hinging system with Ultra lock than retains drop leaves in horizontal position. If food is not many, you can fold two leaves top, this can also save space in hotel room. 

There are 4 pcs Non-marking PPR wheels at the bottom, 2pcs have brake, 2pcs without brake, they can be can move flexiable and for silent operation. 

Upon the wheels, there are rails on the frame, this can accommodate 1 or 2pcs food warm boxes. The Food Warmer box is made from easy to clean inside and is also fully insulated to keep food warm for up to an hour.

We have electric or non-electric model. The electric one is 3 shelves, and heat by electric element inside.  The non-electric version, with alcohol holder inside.  size: 385*375*475(H)mm, Stainless steel 304 in brushed finished, with alcohol holder inside, Double-wall construction to retain interior heat and reduce exterior heat

For more details about room service trolley, welcome to contact us. We are laicozy hotel supply, Let’s keep in touch. Thank you.


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