What's technical characteristics of luggage cart?
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What's technical characteristics of luggage cart?

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Luggage cart are widely used in every hotel, with different design and different color. when you come in a hotel, the staffs may helps you to deliver your suitcase by luggage cart, then this is the functional of luggage cart. What we are introducing is the regular type of bellman cart, It is arguably the helpful product in the hotel industry. Some of the technical features and design needs of the luggage cart will be mentioned in this article.

·What’s a luggage cart used for?

·What are the luggage cart applications?

·The design requirements of luggage cart.

What’s  luggage cart used for?

Luggage cart is the most popular equipment for hotel lobby, it comes with some different special design, and but all are in same function, to help customer to deliver the luggage. With friendly moving wheels, it helps hotel deliver the luggage to every customer smoothly.

·What are the luggage cart applications?

·Usage Scenarios

The luggage cart are used in a wide range of applications. There no doubt that the most common places is hotel, also used in some shopping mall, shops, airport, apartment, and some other places. But most are for indoor only, as stainless steel material easily rusty and oxidation, so can’t be use in outside.

·Basic Structure

The luggage cart consists of three parts: the upright body frame, carpet base plate, and wheels. With its stainless steel design and different color finish and carpet, the 8’’ wheels are easy to moving the big carts to any where.

This is basic information about luggage cart. Most of the big Luggage cart use knocked down design in order to reduce the volume and save delivery cost, with the manual, customer easy to install the luggage carts, but have to avoid not scratch the tubes and fix it well when install. For small luggage cart, then it will comes as whole set, instead of assemble.

The design requirements of luggage cart.

For the design of bellman carts, there are some regular shape, like birdcage shape bellman cart, this one is the most popular one in the hotel market, except this regular design bellman carts, there also have half birdcage design, square shape, crown or half round design.different design cost different.For hand truck carts, the design may more simple than big carts, so more easily to deliver small suitcase.Of course, no matter the design and size of these luggage carts, all of them are durable and powerful.

This is the information about the luggage cart. We have more than 10 years of experience in the production of hotel facilities, we can provide good service with quality products if you needed.


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