What sizes of stanchion rope barrier should we choose?
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What sizes of stanchion rope barrier should we choose?

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What sizes of stanchion rope barrier should we choose?

Stanchion rope barrier is a common tool for maintaining order in public places. In fact, it has many models and various materials, suitable for different occasions. This article will give you some opinions on the precautions for buying Stanchion rope barriers.





  • What is stanchion rope barrier

  • Scope of application of stanchion rope barrier

  • What are the differences between stainless steel stanchion rope barrier on the market



1. What is stanchion rope barrier

The stanchion rope barrier was first called from the bank, that is, the telescopic band railing was placed in front of the bank counter, placed on both sides, and a one-meter strap was pulled out. When the first customer was handling the business, all subsequent customers lined up on the one-meter line Waiting to ensure the security of personal information and passwords for the previous business.

The stanchion rope barrier is divided into stainless steel and black or blue paint according to the requirements of the bank. The total length of the belt is two meters and the longest can be pulled out about 1.8 meters. The bank counter window is only one meter. Therefore, the stanchion rope barrier is also called one-meter noodle, bank one-meter noodle, mobile one-meter noodle, soft isolation belt, etc. Later, other industries also called two-meter noodle. Now we also have extensions, and there are also thicker five-meter models and double-layer railings.


2. Scope of application of stanchion rope barrier

In public places such as banks, power grids, postal services, China Unicom and telecommunications business offices, schools, libraries, museums, various exhibition halls, you will find the stanchion rope barrier, which has done a great contribution to the order of our daily public life.


3. What are the differences between stainless steel stanchion rope barrier on the market

(1) In the selection of stainless steel pipes, there are 304, 201, 430, etc.and then each grade of stainless steel also has advantages and disadvantages. The appearance of the products processed by high-quality stainless steel is impeccable and will not rust. Moreover, the pipe has uniform roundness, good polishing brightness, and no traces can be seen in the weld, the grade is obviously high, and the grade is improved for the place.

(2) For the choice of accessories, many users may look at the base first. The base of the stanchion rope barrier is divided into the upper cover plate and the counterweight. It is recommended to choose a thicker upper cover. The bottom of the counterweight is iron and anti-skid ring. This stanchion rope barrier can be more stable, durable, and not afraid of heavy pressure. If it is used for short-term cost saving, rubber weight can also be selected, but it will be damaged after a long time. The standard of ordinary railings is rubber bottom, and the general business does not say that this bottom is not good. I think it is better to seek truth from facts. We must look at it a little longer.

(3) Telescopic head accessories. The plastic part of this part should not be too brittle or it will break during use. The spring is the key. Why do some luxury version of stanchion rope barrier choose high-cost special stainless steel springs? The reason is that it has good telescopic performance permanently and will not break the spring. While ordinary models are cheap, carbon steel springs or manganese steel springs may break, and then the expansion and contraction performance of the elastic belt becomes worse and worse, and finally the belt may not retract.

(4) Finally, there is the handle part. Many customers say that if they buy a stanchion rope barrier handle, it will fall off. The handle is good or bad except for whether the plastic parts are brittle, and there is a structure. Although the purchased stanchion rope barrier is very cheap and saves costs, the handle pulls away from the end of the strap with a little effort. So, you can choose the kind of stanchion rope barrier that adds metal rods and has anti-skid and anti-shedding treatment.


Therefore, when buying stanchion rope barrier, it is necessary to pay attention to observing accessories and various models, which can not only save the cost of various repairs or replacements in the future, but also ensure the safety of various activities or public places.


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