Where to buy hotel room accessories?
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Where to buy hotel room accessories?

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Where to buy hotel room accessories?

The procurement of hotel room accessories is a top priority in hotel tasks, and a lot of effort and time must be invested. Where to buy, what are the precautions, these are the points that the hotel needs to pay attention to, so this article will solve this problem for you.



  • What is hotel room accessories

  • Points for attention when purchasing hotel room accessories

  • Where to buy hotel room accessories

1.What is hotel room accessories

Specifically, hotel room accessories include bedding, room linen, room curtains, safes, irons, ironing boards, audio equipment, TVs, room refrigerators (mini bar), electric kettles, room phones, clothes racks, clothespins, bamboo tray, and wood products , Trash cans, non-slip mats, signs, other room accessories.


2. Points for attention in the procurement of hotel room accessories

(1) First of all, we must understand the demand of various departments and the supply of various types of goods in the market, master the financial department's control requirements on the purchase cost and purchase funds of various items, and be familiar with the procurement plan of various items. Reduce the cost of material purchases and provide hotels with various types of hotel room accessories at reasonable prices and good quality.

(2) Understand the consumption of various items in the department and warehouse and the dynamics of inventory materials. In conjunction with the relevant departments, conduct a price survey on various hotel room accessories in a reasonable and scientific manner according to the actual purchasing situation and according to the procurement plan.

(3) Collect the price information of various hotel room accessories on the market, do a good job of archiving the materials; actively cooperate with the material storage and balance work, deal with the sluggish materials in time, and accelerate the material turnover.

(4) Bulk supplies or hotel room accessories that are needed for a long period of time can be signed with relevant factories, hotels, and stores in accordance with the approved plan for a long-term supply agreement to ensure the quality, quantity, specifications, variety and supply requirements of the items.

(5) Actively coordinate the relationship with other departments in the hotel, and often listen to the opinions of the user department on the procurement of materials and improve the procurement.

(6) Actively communicate with relevant suppliers and maintain a good cooperative relationship.


3. Where to buy hotel room accessories

(1) Bidding and procurement. It is a more formal procurement method, generally only used by large enterprises. The purchasing unit sends the names and specifications of the hotel room accessories to be purchased to the relevant supplier units in the form of a bid invitation. The supplier unit will bid after receiving the invitation, quote the price, and send it back in the form of a sealed document Procurement unit. Generally speaking, if these items can meet the specifications and standards, the one with the lowest price wins the bid. This method is conducive to the procurement unit to choose the lowest price, but because this law requires both parties to sign a procurement contract, it is not conducive to the procurement unit to purchase materials that may be cheaper and more suitable in quality during the contract execution period.


(2) Cooperative procurement. Cooperative procurement is the organization of more than three hotel companies to jointly purchase raw materials for certain items. Its main advantage is that through large-scale purchases, hotels have the opportunity to enjoy preferential prices. Although each hotel has its own characteristics, it is possible to use a cooperative procurement method to purchase all kinds of hotel room accessories of the same standard.


(3) Centralized procurement

Hotel management companies or groups often establish regional procurement offices to purchase various items and food for hotel companies in the region of the company. The specific method is that each hotel regularly reports the raw materials, articles and quantities required by the hotel to the company procurement office and office. After summary, purchase collectively. After ordering, it can be delivered to each hotel company by the supplier according to the specific situation, or it can be checked and accepted by the purchasing office, and then distributed. The advantage of centralized procurement is that due to the large volume, it is often possible to enjoy preferential prices when purchasing hotel room accessories. Centralized procurement is easy to negotiate with more suppliers, and there is more choice in raw material quality and price.


Hotel room accessories are one of the items that the hotel needs to purchase in large quantities, which occupies a large amount of the hotel's purchasing expenses, so the hotel needs to pay attention to and reasonably purchase hotel room accessories, which can also bring better living experience for guests.


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