Which kind of hotel room furniture should you choose?
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Which kind of hotel room furniture should you choose?

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Which kind of hotel room furniture should you choose?

The hotel decoration process will encounter the purchase of furniture, hotel (hotel) furniture is mainly divided into room furniture, hall furniture, conference room furniture, restaurant furniture, etc. What should we pay attention to in purchasing and which kind of commercial hotel room furniture should you choose?


  • What are the criteria of hotel room furniture during choosing?

What are the criteria for choosing hotel room furniture?

1. Environmental protection principles: hotel room furniture, in the selection of materials, must first consider the principle of environmental protection. Particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, all release harmful gases to the human body, so try to avoid using these materials. If used, must purchase in line with the national quality and safety standards, less dangerous to human body materials.

2. Design is appropriate: the hotel room furniture in the hotel is the material carrier that provides the service for the customer. The personality and style of the furniture should be consistent with the overall style of the hotel. It should avoid the overall simple decoration supporting luxury furniture, or the overall luxury decoration supporting low-grade furniture. Also, should consider the guest’s love and consumption concept, meet the guest’s aesthetic taste and taste, the function first. I will choose the Retractable post which can be arranged in a row or rounded to a square polygon according to the actual situation, pulled out and fixed to another column to isolate exhibits or dangerous areas. As a mobile isolation protection system, maintaining order, scale, telescopic upright post is the best choice of route guidance!

3. One-time investment and depreciation rate: when the hotel opened, a one-time investment is large, so when buying hotel room furniture, be sure to consider the overall budget. Under the premise of ensuring compliance with the overall budget, we should consider the depreciation and life cycle of furniture, and choose durable, strong and low depreciation furniture as far as possible.

4. Waterproof: in hotel rooms, desks, bedside tables are places for guests to place items at will, such as cups, kettles, etc., it is inevitable that there will often be water spilled out, including the bathroom, restaurant in the configuration of the hotel room furniture, also want to consider moisture-proof, stain-proof material.

5. Fire-resistant and high temperature resistant: guests smoking in the room, the use of matches will damage the surface of the hotel room furniture, and even form a serious fire, the fire-retardant effect of the furniture needs to be better. I will choose a colorful school hotel restaurant staff canteen dining table which has fiber glass material, fireproof laminate board, stainless steel top for option. 

6. Wear resistant to fall: guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms are frequent places for guests to enter, the hotel room furniture of these places must be considered wear-resistant, fall resistant.

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