Which kind of lobby furniture high will end hotel favor?
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Which kind of lobby furniture high will end hotel favor?

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Which kind of lobby furniture high will end hotel favor?

The lobby of the hotel makes the first impression on all guests. In addition to being beautiful and functional, the furniture you choose for your lobby should be easy to clean and stand the passage of time. Lobby furniture investments are expensive projects designed to last a long time. Replacing it every few years is not feasible. The lobby furniture used reflected the staff and the brand, so finding the right lobby furniture was a fundamental part of the original room design. Let's take a look at which lobby furniture is more popular with hotels.


Here is the content list:

l  Ordinary hotel lobby sofa

l  Adaptable hotel lobby sofa

l  Massage hotel lobby sofa

l  Folk traditional hotel lobby sofa

l  Art Hotel Lobby Sofa


Ordinary hotel lobby sofa

Generally, such a sofa is simply to meet the functional needs of the production of products, without any vitality, and generally such a hotel lobby few people come back to sit. The hotel is full of people who are mainly working for a while and don't have the leisure to enjoy the comfortable feeling brought by the lobby furniture.


Adaptable hotel lobby sofa

Now the hotel lobby sofa is all kinds of, for any level of the hotel can find the sofa, but some cases will affect the use effect because of the different material. For instance, Italian likes soft feeling, so sponge sofa adds cloth art fabric suits them very much; and the German preference sofa is a bit hard, so the use of leather fabric filled with high density sponge best.


Massage hotel lobby sofa

This kind of sofa is having multifunctional action commonly, massage, for instance, rest. Many people stay in hotels just to release their stress and give themselves a quiet life. So, if a massage chair sofa is placed in the lobby of the hotel, it must be loved by the guests, and if you can have a beautiful sleep.


Folk traditional hotel lobby sofa

The works of good designers often show their deep understanding of the life and culture of different countries and nationalities. For example, the antique furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties is favored by high-end business hotels because of its concise, straight and straight, and beautiful shape. Sitting on it, let those successful people have a kind of back to nature.


Art Hotel Lobby Sofa

This sofa is placed in the lobby of the hotel is a more decorative function, used to meet the aesthetics needs of guests in the indoor environment. This kind of hotel lobby sofa practicality is weakened but aesthetic is strengthened accordingly, a piece or a group of furniture in the hotel space, can form a rich landscape effect.


As an important hotel room service facility, hotel lobby furniture plays an important role. Customer accommodation at the beginning of the most attention is these into the view of the furniture, can be said that the hotel furniture is the face of the whole hotel, representing the image of the hotel. So, it is very important to choose good hotel lobby furniture.


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