luxury stainless steel baggage cart
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luxury stainless steel baggage cart

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Widely seen in the hotel, looks luxury and elegant, what may come into your mind when you heard this, and pretend you are in hotel lobby? Hotel luggage cart or stanchion post or housekeeping carts

If you ask me, I would said luggage cart, the bellman boy deliver baggage with the bellman cart, it’s a nice shot to see it I think. High class services will be shown in these details. 

There are lot of luggage carts, how we choose a high quality luggage cart? As we known, if only to choose the shape and design, every factories can make it similar, and looks same, so how to distinguish the good one? In the market, there are a lot of bellman carts, which looks the same in appearance, if you don’t know the material the tube, etc.. you may bought the cheap one, if the same, isn’t it? 

In fact, there are a series of different grade of luggage carts, for material, normally used  is 304 stainless steel, but some factories may use 201 stainless steel with thin thick and diameter, to save their budget, But most of our luggage carts we used 1.0mm thick with 50mm diameter 304 stainless steel, some factories may said 51mm, but actually is 50mm, for this thick and diameter, it’s very durable for a hotel luxury stainless steel baggage cart, which can be used more than 5  years, even more longer. However, some high grade hotel clients may use brass material with gorgeous design, to make the baggage trolley more luxury and upscale. And there is no doubt that it may only can be seen in 5 star hotels, or more higher star hotel, since top grades luggage  trolley cost much more than normal one, it’s too expensive for small hotels. 

In addition, though most hotels may use 304 stainless steel luggage cart, but the thickness of the carts may different,  our carts thickness is 1.0, but some factory may use between 0.5-0.8mm. And finished of stainless steel bellman cart also be the difference, frame finished can be titanium gold, polished or brushed, different finished cost different, and titanium gold finished cost more. However, a huge part of clients prefer titanium gold finish to fit their bellman cart, since it looks more grandeur for a hotel.  

To choose a high quality with cost-effective price hotel luggage cart is not easy, you have to find more details, and know more about them so you can select from different grade of carts.


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