room attendant’s trolley
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room attendant’s trolley

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Housekeeping maid cart is a trolley which is used to stock all necessary guest supplies and equipment for setting up rooms and cleaning rooms. The maid cart is usually positioned in the linen room where other housekeeping supplies are also stored. A good maid cart can be a very effective housekeeping tool, that can make the housekeeper’s job more efficient and comfortable, as it provides an assurance regarding availability of all guest supplies together in one trolley. The housekeeping maid cart is also referred to housekeeping trolley, room attendant’s trolley or maid trolley etc. 

The housekeeping carts always have these features in common. Main body trolley with shelves for holding clean towels and linens, bags on the side for dirty linens, and amenity tray to storing smaller items like bottles of cleaner and tiny bottles of shampoo, fresh bars of soap etc. Some housekeeping carts also have doors and drawers to provide enclosed storage for small items. This makes the trolley look more tidy and elegant, and also help prevent the supplies from becoming an eyesore to the guests. And some maid carts have a push handle, which makes the moving more comfortable. 

The material of maid cart can be aluminum, steel, plastic, wood, or mixed material. The main collection of our housekeeping trolleys are aluminum construction with inset laminated panels, steel construction with inset laminated panels, whole steel construction and whole aluminum construction etc. 

How to find the right housekeeping maid cart for your hotel? It will come down to knowing what size you need, what material you need, how many shelves it should include, and which other specialty options you might required. Small size models are available that can make it a little easier to maneuver in narrow corridors and keep the cart out of your guests' way. If your hotel have many rooms, then you need a big size maid cart that can hold enough linens and necessary guest supplies. Always stock enough amenity supplies or the linens supplies in the maid cart, as under stock often creates scarcity of supplies and the maid attendant will need to restock again. If your establishment is in moist surroundings, you should choose aluminum structure maid cart, as the material is rust proof. 

A right housekeeping maid cart will certainly make the housekeeper’s job easier and enhance the efficiency of the hotel operation in a large way. And that’s exactly our aim.


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